5 Cool Beauty Rules Of The Stars That Will Help You Survive The Fall

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5 Cool Beauty Rules Of The Stars That Will Help You Survive The Fall
5 Cool Beauty Rules Of The Stars That Will Help You Survive The Fall

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Healthy desserts

Gisele Bundchen

With the onset of autumn, you want to spend more time at home - for example, watching your favorite TV series, fragrant herbal tea with sweets. However, high amounts of sugar can be harmful to health. To prevent this from happening, the usual desserts can be replaced with useful ones - for example, according to Gisele Bündchen's recipes.

In one of the last interviews, the model said that each of her meals ends with a dessert. “I can't live a day without sweets, because it makes me happy,” the ex-Victoria's Secret angel shared with American Vogue. Most of her sweet recipes are based on healthy ingredients like avocado, coconut, and bananas.

For example, Gisele Bündchen often makes a cake like this: a crust of dates, nuts and a little coconut, followed by coconut milk yogurt and 70% dark chocolate and pecans on top. By the way, dark chocolate with a high content of cocoa beans also cheers up Giselle, so she eats a small portion every day.

Hot tub and infrared sauna

Gwyneth Paltrow

“I take a hot bath every day - this is the best way for me to calm down and release heavy energy after the day. I have a whole collection of salts, oils and scrubs,”Gwyneth Paltrow shared in an interview about her passion for bathing. In addition, the actress is very fond of the infrared sauna - especially during periods of overwork and when she feels that the immune system begins to fall.


Aromatherapy and Care

Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr tries to make each stage of personal care even more effective and turn it into a real beauty ritual. Wellness expert and model, as well as owner of one of the most popular eco-brands, Kora, usually relies on aromatherapy. For example, she adds a few drops of her favorite cosmetic noni oil to her day and night creams. This technique not only helps to nourish the skin more strongly, but also turns the application of the cream into a full-fledged massage.

Vitamin green juice with off-season ingredients

Blake Lively

Autumn is a great time to try new healthy habits into your routine. For example, start drinking green detox juices. Actress Blake Lively has her own unique recipe for such a drink, which can be made at any time of the year. Her recipe for green juice is very beneficial for skin health, digestive system and immune health. To make it, you need a blender, vegetables and herbs. One of the recipes: beet leaves, parsley, half a small beet, pineapple juice, two green apples, a sprig of green mint and half a lemon.


Contemplation of nature and breathing

Emilia Clarke

The Game of Thrones star especially appreciates the moments of oneness with nature. “Contemplating vast spaces untouched by humans helps me deal with stress. Fresh air is very beneficial for both body and soul. By the way, I pay special attention to breathing when walking in nature. Every day we do not pay attention to how we unconsciously hold our breath when we worry and worry. When you breathe deeply, you can feel the moment,”Emilia Clarke told about her proven method of relaxation.>

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