The Main Trends Of Manicure In 2019: Rhinestones, Slogans And "nanodesign"

The Main Trends Of Manicure In 2019: Rhinestones, Slogans And "nanodesign"
The Main Trends Of Manicure In 2019: Rhinestones, Slogans And "nanodesign"

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Two-tone manicure

Now you do not need to rack your brains choosing one shade from the two you like. In the coming year, the trend will be a combination of opposite colors. In this case, foreign manicurists propose to apply varnish without clear lines, giving preference to soft curves. So the two shades look like two neat blobs of paint on the artist's palette. By the way, one of the shades can be safely replaced with metallic - this way the manicure will look more festive.

Thin metal foil

Metallic passes from season to season, changing only its shape. For the next season, foreign nail studios have armed themselves with a new material of gold, bronze and silver shades - thin foil. It goes well with both calm, natural colors and rich shades of varnish. A manicure with her looks even more delicate, as if decorated with gold or silver leaf. Foil can be used to decorate one nail, that's all. In the latter case, it is worth applying the material differently each time.

Manicure slogan

The word trend has confidently migrated from clothing to manicure. Next year, nails become a platform for writing their own slogans, mottos or names. The inscription itself is, of course, a matter of choice and taste. But it is better to apply it on a white background using a minimum of drawings and details. Otherwise, there is a high probability that the manicure will look sloppy.


Sometimes you want to make a classic manicure with a calm shade a little more original and special. For this, nail masters use small details - with them, the nail design does not look catchy. In order to give individuality to the manicure, it is worth using thin lines at the cuticles, and it is better to fix volumetric structures (rhinestones, beads, etc.) on one or two nails.


Fans of the 2000s will be delighted: rhinestones will be back in fashion. At the same time, they are completely different in shape, size and color. Star nail-master Marie Sol suggests experimenting - mixing different rhinestones in one manicure. However, this approach requires a neutral color base, so choose natural and translucent shades.


Despite the fact that coral was recognized as the color of 2019, foreign manicurists are increasingly focusing on lavender shades. This color is versatile as it looks more like an off-white from a distance. By the way, translucent lavender-colored varnishes will also be appropriate next year and will compete with their favorite milky flowers.>

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