Beauty Beyond Size: Stars Who Accept Themselves As They Are

Beauty Beyond Size: Stars Who Accept Themselves As They Are
Beauty Beyond Size: Stars Who Accept Themselves As They Are

Video: Beauty Beyond Size: Stars Who Accept Themselves As They Are

Video: Beauty Beyond Size: Stars Who Accept Themselves As They Are
Video: Model Ashley Graham: ‘Beauty Beyond Size’ Is My Mantra | TODAY 2023, December


In the last couple of years, the singer has taken on natural feminine forms and enjoys her body in every moment. At the same time, Rihanna was constantly faced with aggressive comments about her body on social networks: fans, accustomed to seeing a celebrity thin, pounced on her with criticism and accusations of being overweight. “I accept all the transformations of my body,” the singer said in one of her last interviews. By the way, this experience inspired Rihanna to create the Savage x Fenty lingerie collection for real women of all sizes and shapes.

Chrissy Teigen

The wife of John Legend has been working as a model for a long time and was forced to limit herself in everything. With the advent of children, Chrissy Teigen allowed herself to be herself: she got carried away with cooking her favorite dishes for the family and abandoned strict diets. Despite the fact that her body has gone beyond 90-60-90, she happily uploads photos in a swimsuit without retouching and wears outfits with cutouts for events. “In my opinion, it is very important to show women without retouching. This is normal. It is important for women to understand that it is our shared responsibility - to show their forms without hesitation and to accept the fact that we are all far from this perfection”, - with such a body-positive statement made by Chrissy Teigen in the edition of Mashable.

Amy Schumer

The actress proves by her example that at present it is possible to achieve success in Hollywood without full lips, sharp cheekbones and standardized shapes. Amy Schumer accepts herself so much that she confidently goes to the red carpet in dresses with a deep neckline and puts on mini-skirts for events. The actress also tries to choose such roles, where her heroines prove that very different looks can be attractive. Acceptance and unconditional self-love are the keys to success and happiness. “I am very comfortable in my body. I feel strong, healthy and sexy”, - this is how Amy Schumer finished her stand-up about experiments with her own body.

Serena Williams

“I love my body and am not going to change anything in it. I am not asking everyone to love my body. I just want to be given the opportunity to be myself”- one of the famous phrases of tennis player Serena Williams on the topic of self-acceptance. The athlete is often criticized on social networks, noting the masculinity of her forms. However, Serena herself does not pay attention to this: she enjoys social events in feminine evening dresses and creates feminine sportswear with Virgil Abloh for Off-White.

Keira Knightley

In 2014, the actress starred topless for Interview magazine to state her position against photoshop. “I agreed - on the condition that they would not enlarge my breasts or retouch it,” Keira Knightley said in an interview. Before this shoot, she many times faced the fact that photographers and magazines gave her forms more volume without her knowledge and requests. In one of her last interviews, Knightley said that she went through different stages of accepting her body and now she is absolutely sure that “her body is amazing” and she will never again allow herself to doubt it.

Vanessa Paradis

An unconventional smile with a chisel became her bright recognizable feature. Vanessa Paradis has always treated her peculiarity with humor: “I don’t understand why I need to remodel my teeth. I can run water through them. It's very practical! " At the same time, the actress takes her appearance in everything: she loves the natural texture of her hair and often comes to social events with an indomitable shock of curly strands, and also calmly treats mimic wrinkles without resorting to Botox injections.>