How To Properly Care For Your Eyebrows: Tips And Warnings

How To Properly Care For Your Eyebrows: Tips And Warnings
How To Properly Care For Your Eyebrows: Tips And Warnings

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Use a caring oil

There are a huge number of oils that improve the quality of eyebrows and accelerate their growth. The most famous is usma oil, which is presented in most salons and brow studios. In fact, regular application of any oil (coconut, castor, jojoba, wheatgrass, etc.) helps to grow the eyebrows to some degree. The main thing is to apply oil on a daily basis to the thoroughly cleansed area of ​​the eyebrows, without overdoing it with its amount. Here, one small drop is enough, which must be applied in a thin layer on the hairs and skin where there are gaps. Otherwise, there is a high likelihood of blockage of the skin, which will lead to the appearance of irritations and rashes.

Don't tweak your brows for a couple of months to see your natural shape

If you are not satisfied with the current shape of the eyebrows, then forget about the correction for one and a half to two months (the hairs on the bridge of the nose during this period can be removed). During this time, your natural shape will be formed and even the most "lazy" hairs that have stopped growing, since they were constantly removed, will have time to appear. After that, it is just worth going to an eyebrow master who can choose the right eyebrow shape that suits you. So he will see the tendency of growth and density of hairs.


Choose the right eyebrow shaping method for you

The condition of the hairs is greatly influenced by how they are removed. There are three main methods of eyebrow shaping: tweezers, wax (or sugar) and thread. Plucking eyebrows with tweezers is suitable for those who have very dense and thick hairs. If the eyebrows are soft and the hair grows with a light fluff behind the shape, then you can safely correct them with wax or thread. These methods allow you to remove more hairs and not miss out on even the finest and most inconspicuous ones. The only negative is the high likelihood of irritation.

Cleanse cosmetics and skin care products properly

Most girls apply foundation, day or night care, including eyebrows. And this is one of the most harmful beauty habits. The fact is that all these products clog the skin and overload the hairs, which leads to the loss of the eyebrows and their growth slowdown. After you have applied the day or night cream, you need to take a cotton swab and wipe off any residue from your eyebrows. The same must be done during makeup. By the way, if you remove the foundation from the eyebrow area, then the shadows / pencil will stick much better and lay down more transparently, which will allow you to achieve a more natural effect from drawing.

Choose your fixing and drawing media carefully

Decorative cosmetics for eyebrows directly affect their condition. When choosing a gel for fixing eyebrows, study the composition. To prevent the fixative from drying the hairs and causing them to fall out, it should not contain alcohol (or it may be at the end of the list, which indicates its minimum content). And when choosing an eyebrow pencil, you must take into account its hardness - it is always better to choose medium soft. A lead that is too hard will be more resistant, but it will also require more force and pressure when drawing, which also affects the loss. And too soft will print and weigh hairs.>

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