7 Makeup Trends That Will Provide Spring Mood

7 Makeup Trends That Will Provide Spring Mood
7 Makeup Trends That Will Provide Spring Mood

Video: 7 Makeup Trends That Will Provide Spring Mood

Video: 7 Makeup Trends That Will Provide Spring Mood
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Mimosa branch - a drop of spring

Time to experiment! Try using yellow in your makeup. It not only attracts attention and makes the image more conceptual, but also charges with a good mood. The main rule is to build makeup exclusively on this color accent. Make a good tone, comb the eyebrows upward with a clear gel. And then leave the yellow flashes wherever your heart desires!

Thick eyelashes

An expressive look without a huge amount of makeup is the perfect solution for a spring clean look. Use translucent textures of foundation, blush and highlighter to make the skin literally shine through from under the layer of makeup. Curl the lashes with a curler and paint in several layers and then comb them with a clean brush. This will make them look thick and vibrant, but also very natural.

Wet glow

Skin that glows with hydration is the main trend of recent seasons. The deliberately moist effect gives a feeling of well-groomed and radiant from the inside. To achieve this, it is important to prepare your face well before makeup. Use mild exfoliators and a highly nourishing mask. In this way, you will smooth out the relief and nourish the surface of the skin - this is the ideal base for sparkling textures. Use a foundation with a radiant effect, or mix your favorite tone and concealer with a few drops of highlighter. Then apply it to all protruding areas of the face. And don't be afraid to layering the highlighter - this will make the effect dazzling!

Green accents

Another color associated with spring and the awakening of nature. Choose light and bright shades of green - they will add freshness to the image. Emerald and other deep shades of green will look quite dramatic, which is not associated with a spring mood. Use the eyeliner or shadows in the correct green arrow like Kendall Jenner's. Or try applying neon green mascara to your lashes.

Splashes of champagne

The champagne highlighter is perfect for spring makeup as it adds a warm glow. It can be used as a point for eye makeup - apply the product to the corners of the eyes, on the movable eyelid and under the eyebrow. And with it, you can make your lips visually larger: just leave a little highlighter on top of the lipstick in the center of the lower lip.

Healthy blush

Perhaps the best option for those who do not particularly like to paint or do not have time for it. Moisturize your skin well and remember to use sunscreen. Brush eyebrows and eyelashes with clear fixative, and apply cream blush or lipstick to the apples of your cheeks with your fingertips. Moisturize your lips with a balm or gloss. Five minutes - the makeup is ready, and no insta filters are needed.

Kissed lips effect

A simple and truly spring look. Before choosing a lipstick or tint shade, match the perfect tone with a shine foundation or BB cream. Traces of vitamin D deficiency and sleep can be hidden with a wet finish concealer. If desired, use a cool highlighter on the tip of the nose, the tick mark above the lip, overhanging cheekbones, and below the brow line. Now you can start making up your lips - apply the product to the lips pre-moistened with balm with your fingertips, blending from the center to the contour. Do not be afraid to marry him: the make-up will only benefit from the effect of negligence.>

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