What Makeup Mistakes Do Stars Make

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What Makeup Mistakes Do Stars Make
What Makeup Mistakes Do Stars Make

Video: What Makeup Mistakes Do Stars Make

Video: What Makeup Mistakes Do Stars Make
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Two bright accents

Lady Gaga, 2019

Perhaps Lady Gaga wanted to give her image theatricality. However, this makeup can rather be described by the word "too". Here, accents are made on two key areas at once - lips and eyes. Because of this, the image loses balance and harmony: overhead beams, sparkles endlessly argue with the wine shade of lipstick.

Too much powder

Natalie Portman, 1999

Makeup artists Natalie Portman, apparently, were so worried that the makeup would last until the morning that they went too far with the amount of powder. Therefore, the actress's face looks flat and painful. Especially visible is the mistake of makeup artists in the area of the corners of the jaw - there the powder literally glows from the flash. To avoid such a situation, it is important to apply the powder not with a sponge, but with a large fluffy brush. Pre-shake the brush with powder with a gentle motion, so as not to overdo it with its amount. Remember to gently and thoroughly blend the product.

Incorrect shading or lack of shading

Kim Kardashian, 2018

Without a doubt, Kim Kardashian is the queen of contouring. However, she and her makeup artist Mario Dedivanovich sometimes make mistakes. For example, quite often Kim appears at events with poorly shaded lines of the corrector, which is responsible for creating the shadow effect. In selfies, of course, this is not as noticeable as the sides. To ensure that your cheekbones don't accidentally turn into sideburns, it's important to carefully blend the borders of all makeup lines. Before leaving the house, look at your makeup in different light - this technique helps to discern inaccuracies and mistakes that may go unnoticed at first.

Inorganic blush

Penelope Cruz, 2018

This makeup of the actress looks unfinished due to the fact that the makeup artist actively applied blush, but did not use bronzer near the hairline and face borders. The peach-colored blush moves from the apples of the cheeks to the side of the cheekbones and is abruptly interrupted, which creates the effect of incompleteness and negligence. To make the makeup look full, you need to combine all its elements with a bronzer. Brush along the contour of the hair, jawline and cheekbones.>

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