Couperosis: Causes, Prevention, Best Remedies And Effective Therapy

Couperosis: Causes, Prevention, Best Remedies And Effective Therapy
Couperosis: Causes, Prevention, Best Remedies And Effective Therapy

Video: Couperosis: Causes, Prevention, Best Remedies And Effective Therapy

Video: Couperosis: Causes, Prevention, Best Remedies And Effective Therapy
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Causes of rosacea

The vessels and vascular mesh that are clearly visible on the face, which usually bother the owners of sensitive skin, appear due to a malfunction of the capillaries, namely, due to a decrease in the elasticity of their walls. This not only worsens the general appearance of the skin, but also disrupts the processes of microcirculation and its nutrition. Usually, rosacea manifests itself on the cheeks, wings of the nose and chin.

The causes of the vascular network and asterisks are different: from hereditary predisposition and autoimmune processes to the influence of weather and improper care. Severe temperature changes, baths, saunas, frostbite of the skin, sun rays, washing with ice water are the main external factors that cause couperosis. Also, smoking and alcohol (vasodilating and vasoconstrictor bad habits), excessive consumption of coffee and spicy foods, stress (increases pressure, due to which the walls of blood vessels are damaged) and cosmetic procedures (incorrectly performed injections, steaming of the skin) directly affect the violation of the elasticity of the capillaries.

Prevention of rosacea

First of all, it is worth reviewing your diet and removing hot spices, since they affect the expansion of blood vessels. This is especially true for those with a genetic predisposition to rosacea. It is also worth adding the bad habits listed above.

In skin care, it is necessary to abandon any manipulations that are associated with hypothermia or overheating. These are steam baths, cosmetic ice, liquid nitrogen, tonics with alcohol, cryotherapy. Also, do not exfoliate skin prone to rosacea with scrubs and aggressive peels, as they also cause fragility of the capillary walls. It is better to replace them with peeling-rolls and products based on plant enzymes.

It is also worth starting to take special trace elements under the supervision of a doctor. To strengthen blood vessels, vitamins K, E and C are especially necessary. The compositions of care products must comply with the same principle. Creams and serums should help the skin to strengthen the capillary walls and restore already damaged areas. Ingredients such as chamomile, hop, arnica, sandalwood, shea butter, jojoba and allantoin, and bisabolol are especially effective.

What means to use for severe rosacea

Almost all cosmetic brands offer special creams and serums that promise to remove redness. However, when eliminating the consequences, it is important not to forget about the reasons. That is why it makes no sense to use special products if alcohol and cigarettes remain in your life, and the skin is exposed to temperature effects. Also, for home care, it is worth choosing a mild cleanser to avoid the influence of aggressive substances on the skin.

Effective ways to remove the vascular network

Dermatologist and cosmetologist, author of the blog and Telegram channel Dr. Viki Victoria Filimonova notes that professional methods of getting rid of rosacea are strictly selected by the attending physician. The expert considers the effects of a laser and photo procedures aimed at removing blood vessels to be especially effective, but the result is temporary. Friendship with these devices (Sciton, Sharplite, M22) is lifelong. Of the procedures, Victoria Filimonova notes microcurrent therapy, yellow led lamps, lymphatic drainage, mesotherapy with special cocktails to strengthen blood vessels, autoplasma injections, ozone therapy, sclerotherapy and electrocoagulation in her channel.

How to hide rosacea with cosmetics

Since the effect of professional therapy for the treatment of rosacea is temporary, you can hide damaged vessels with decorative cosmetics. Most importantly, use green color correctors to neutralize redness. They must be applied to the damaged area of the skin and then covered with a foundation or concealer.