I'm In The Game: Cosmetics To Take With You To Rio

I'm In The Game: Cosmetics To Take With You To Rio
I'm In The Game: Cosmetics To Take With You To Rio

Video: I'm In The Game: Cosmetics To Take With You To Rio

Video: I'm In The Game: Cosmetics To Take With You To Rio
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Huile Secret De Beauté, Leonor Greyl

It is better to leave gold and jewelry at home, but you can take body and hair oil with a shimmer with you. Firstly, the product will nourish the skin and curls. And secondly, the smallest particles of gold will create a shining halo around you - without unnecessary pretentiousness and the risk of being robbed.

Moisturizing Booster, Valmont

You have a 16-hour (at best) flight ahead of you, which means you need to start preparing the skin at home: the worst thing you will encounter on the plane is dehydration, so it would be nice to give the tissues an additional reserve. Gel serum Moisturizing Booster, Valmont will perfectly cope with the task. It contains two types of hyaluronic acid at once: with high and low molecular weight. The first remains on the surface of the skin and gives an instant effect (relieves the feeling of tightness and makes the face soft and radiant), and the second provides deep hydration and long-lasting results.

Hand antiseptic, Evolut

The possibility of getting poisoned while traveling is always higher than at home: weakened by the flight and climate change, the body reacts to dirty hands twice more willingly. Alcohol antibacterial gels solved the problem with a bang, but at the same time dried the skin. With the Evolut antiseptic, there will be no such problem - silver nanoparticles are responsible for the cleaning properties in it.

Play Back, Matrix

Getting off the plane with a fresh head after a day-long flight will definitely not work, but you can try to create visibility. The new Matrix dry shampoo quickly restores volume to hair and visually makes it cleaner. And thanks to the texture of the finest grind, the product does not leave a white coating (no matter how hard you try) and does not feel at all on the hair. And what is especially nice - Play Back almost does not smell.


Les Complices Du Quotidien, Anne Semonin

A trip to the entire Olympics as a whole is not a reason to deny yourself full skin care. But there is no reason to pay extra for an extra piece of baggage full of banks. Take full-size cream for daily care, and masks in mini-format. For example, in the Les Complices Du Quotidien set, you can find each "serving" of gel, cream, mineral and exfoliating.

Cicaplast Baume B5 SPF 50, La Roche-Posay

If, while walking through the city's botanical garden, you were bitten by some unprecedented insect, you rubbed your leg, running up the Selaron Squadron, got a couple of abrasions, climbing the Sugarloaf, or you were burned while lying on Leblon beach, immediately get out bags balm Cicaplast: it helps to quickly forget about any irritations, redness, burns and scratches. And more recently, SPF filters have been added to the formula - to make traveling to hot countries even safer.

Le Soin Liquid, Énergie De Vie, Lancôme

The Énergie De Vie line is designed for everyone who knows firsthand what sleep deprivation, stress and environmental factors are. And anyone flying from Moscow to Rio de Janeiro automatically falls under this definition: here you sleep under the cry of babies on the plane, and the overdried cabin "atmosphere", and transfers with docks. An “energy activator” - a light serum that moisturizes, erases traces of fatigue and restores skin tone - will help to stay fresh right after the airport.

Aqua-Gelée, Biotherm

Despite the fact that it is winter in Brazil, it is still +30 on the street. So it makes sense to take with you not the oily body cream you rub yourself with in Moscow December, but something very light and refreshing. For example, the new Biotherm body gel. The completely weightless texture absorbs quickly without leaving a sticky feeling - only powerful hydration for 48 hours. But the main thing is a feeling of coolness that will not leave you for several hours.


Beach Bound, Bed head, Tigi

To return from the Olympic Games with the same luxurious head of hair that you left, put a pot-bellied bottle of Tigi in your suitcase - a light spray protects dyed curls from unpleasant transformations in the sun. And if the hair color is naturally good, the remedy will not be useless either: the formula with vitamin B and Aloe Vera extract will protect them from the negative effects of heat and moisture.

Breakout Control Target Blaemish Spot Treatment, Kiehl's

Does the body react to climate change, unusual water and unusual food with a scattering of acne all over the face? Even if not, put Kiehl's Drying Balm for local application in your cosmetic bag just in case: it won't take up much space in your bag, but it will greatly reduce the time for editing photos if you are still "sprinkled".

Quick Fix Mist, Ibuki, Shiseido

This compact moisturizing mist will come in handy at all stages of your journey: first moisturize your skin on the plane, and then refresh your face at the stadium, beach or party - the spray can even be used over makeup, as long as you cover your eyes with your hand.

Soin Solaire Teinté SPF 30, Sisley

It would seem that Sisley sunscreens were already above all praise, but this summer the brand's scientists have figured out how to make them even better: the ability to even out complexion and hide minor skin imperfections has been added to stunning textures and reliable sun protection. There is a shade for any request: from porcelain to amber.


1-Day Acuvue Define, Define

It is generally accepted that the most dangerous sun is at noon, but this is only half true. Our eyes receive the greatest amount of ultraviolet radiation in the morning and evening, when the sun shines at a slight angle to the horizon and many people forget about glasses with protective dusting. For people with poor vision, the problem is easily solved: 1-Day Acuvue Define lenses not only allow you to see everything that happens in the sports arena bright and clearly, but also block 97% of UV-B radiation and 82% of group A rays.

Gel Glacé Anti-Fatige, Yves Rocher

If your feet are buzzing from the constant dash from the beach to the stadium and back, or just swell a lot from the Brazilian heat, Yves Rocher cooling foot gel will fix the situation. It contains essential oils of lavender, peppermint, menthol and ginseng extract, in short everything that will quickly refresh, relax and relieve the feeling of fatigue of your exhausted limbs.

Sun Sport, Lancaster

Even if you purposefully go to watch our athletes take gold, it will be a real crime not to go to one of the world famous beaches of Rio de Janeiro. But going to Copacabana without sunscreen would be an even more serious offense. Ideally, you should apply the cream 20 minutes before leaving - this is how much the filters need to start working. But if this is not possible, enlist the support of Sun Sport, Lancaster - the product can be used even on damp skin, and the spray is easier to use on the go.

Сrème Jeunesse Des Mains, Clarins

You can't go without hand cream on the plane, especially since Crème Jeunesse Des Mains, Clarins came out in limited edition: miniature tubes are now more convenient to take with you everywhere and more pleasant to take out of the cosmetic bag - the packaging was decorated with herbs and flowers. You will need to buy a whole set, and one will be enough for a trip. Choose a scent according to your mood: among the options are figs, orange leaves and white tea.

Cocon De Soie, L'Etoile

If the suitcase is already too heavy, you can safely pull out the foam for washing - there is an alternative that weighs no more than a feather. The tiny cocoons are enough to soak in water to make them ideal for gentle cleansing and exfoliation. The silk from which they are made is of the highest quality: this is just the rare case when production in China plays into the hands of the product.>

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