10 Stellar Beauties Shaved Bald

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10 Stellar Beauties Shaved Bald
10 Stellar Beauties Shaved Bald

Video: 10 Stellar Beauties Shaved Bald

Video: 10 Stellar Beauties Shaved Bald
Video: My New Bald Look 2023, May

In our material - celebrities who inspired fans to freedom of expression.

Demmy Moor

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Demi is one of the first after Sinead O'Connor to decide on radical changes, the star claims that this was a deliberate step. Shaving her head, the actress added a landmark role to her Hollywood resume, and the film "Soldier Jane", in which she played Lieutenant O'Neill, became a milestone in the development of opportunities, determination and strength of women. By the way, almost twenty years later, Moore's daughter followed in her mother's footsteps and changed her image, inspired by her act.

Cara Delevingne

Kara went from model to actress with full dedication. The girl shaved her head for a role in the film "Life in One Year", where she played a cancer patient. Delevingne posted a video of haircuts on her Instagram page, where she was shaved with a machine, and continued attending official events with a new hairstyle, without losing confidence in her attractiveness.

Keke Palmer

The Scream Queens actress often changes her image. She has appeared in public with Afro-braids, long hair, pixie and bob haircuts. The new experiment amazed fans: Keke shaved her head and then dyed a few millimeters of regrown hair in a bright purple shade. In an interview with Refinery29, the singer said that she was not afraid to express herself, moreover, previous stains ruined her hair, so it was not a pity to shave them off. The girl admitted that she had long wanted to walk with a bald head, but noted that a bright shade of hair requires a careful approach to color combinations in clothes.

Amandla Stenberg

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it.”

The performer of one of the leading roles in the film "The Hunger Games" shaved for a role in the drama "Where the hands meet." Amandla argues that self-acceptance has nothing to do with hair length. Despite the fact that fans considered curls as the actress's hallmark, she is sure that the new image made her even more attractive.

Kristen Stewart

The actress is not afraid of change: for the sake of the role in the movie "Underwater World" Kristen shaved her hair and did not regret it. The girl played a mechanical engineer working on an oil rig at the bottom of the ocean. The decision to radically change was influenced not only by the perspective of filming. Earlier, the actress has repeatedly said that she wants to get away from the stereotype of a good girl and be a rebel. Now Kristen jokes that with a new haircut it is more convenient to put on a helmet - there is no need to constantly worry about your hair.

Adwoa Aboah

The Fashion Awards activist and model of the year followed in the footsteps of her friend Cara Delevingne. The supermodel admitted that for many years she could not find the optimal haircut. She almost hated her hair, and complex styling took a long time and required attention. Adwoa did not shave for the sake of contracts, but because she found this look the most appropriate. The girl notes that now there is no need to keep a bunch of styling products at home, collect the falling hairpins and get up half an hour earlier. In the new image, she feels harmonious.

Jesse J

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The British singer decided to shave her hair in 2013 in order to raise money for charity. She shaved on a live show after the host asked Jesse several times if she was ready for it. Immediately after changing her image, the girl noted that the lack of hair is a strange feeling. But at the same time, according to Jesse, she felt more free. Thanks to this act, half a million pounds were raised for Comic Relief.

Cynthia Nixon

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Known for her role as Miranda in the TV series "Sex and the City", the actress has always preferred short haircuts. But for the lead role in the Broadway musical Wit, Cynthia shaved her head. “I've always wondered how it would look,” says the actress. In the American show Live With Kelly, the star stated that she liked the result, and she is thinking of staying in this way forever.

Natalie Portman

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After a series of images of fatal girls with long hair, Natalie radically approached a new role. For filming in the film "V for Vendetta" the actress shaved her head and did not regret it. According to Portman, the only downside to the update is recognition. The star played several more roles of sensual beauties with super short hair, including in the film by Wes Anderson "Hotel Chevalier". The actress has once again proved that long hair is no longer an obligatory attribute of femininity.

Mariya Kozhevnikova

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it.”

Maria's hair was shaved right in the frame of the film "Death Squad". In the story, the heroine ends up in the women's battalion during the First World War. Before we cut our long hair, we rehearsed the scene for a long time, because it could be filmed with only one take. Kozhevnikova said that it was important for her to get used to the role and experience what her heroine underwent. The girl was supported by her family and friends. By the way, in addition to Kozhevnikova, Maria Aronova and 60 brave actresses from the crowd were shaved in the film.>

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