3 Salon Treatments That Will Replace Makeup And Save Time

3 Salon Treatments That Will Replace Makeup And Save Time
3 Salon Treatments That Will Replace Makeup And Save Time

Video: 3 Salon Treatments That Will Replace Makeup And Save Time

Video: 3 Salon Treatments That Will Replace Makeup And Save Time
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Eyelash lamination

In the last couple of years, eyelash extensions have become popular again. This procedure is offered by salons of various categories - from middle class to luxury. However, with all the advantages of building, it does not suit everyone. For example, if eyelash extensions do not fit the weight, they may start falling out along with your own. Also, this procedure may not be suitable due to the peculiarities of sebum production: extended eyelashes in one eye may fall out faster due to excess sebum, resulting in an asymmetrical appearance of the eyes. This is why eyelash lamination is becoming more popular.

During this process, the master applies several keratin-based cosmetic formulations to the eyelashes. Beforehand, each eyelash is laid out on a special roller so as not to create the effect of rare eyelashes stuck together, and fixed with a special glue. At the end of the procedure, tint paint is used to paint over the ends and burned-out areas. “Lamination gives the lashes a beautiful curve, the caring components plump and moisturize, and a special dye makes the look brighter and more expressive. This is an excellent replacement for tweezers for curling eyelashes, "says Alla Akperova, founder of the Moskvichka Brow & Beauty Bar network of beauty salons. Moreover, it is ideal for those who cannot stand the feeling of mascara on their eyes and like a minimum of makeup.

Since lamination has a cumulative effect, then for the first two to three months it should be done once a month (it is during this period that the natural change of eyelashes occurs). Then the procedure can be done less often - once every two months, depending on the individual characteristics and the quality of the master's work.

Permanent lip makeup

Unlike tattooing, with which this procedure is often confused, permanent lip makeup is based on a special "watercolor" application technique, which allows you to achieve the most natural effect without bright lines.

“Permanent lip makeup adds volume and pleasing seductive color. After the first procedure, the color fades by 60-70%, and you may even feel that there is nothing left. In a month, you need to make a correction, and you will see everything for yourself,”Ksenia Shipilova, founder of the Keep Looking beauty salon network, tells about her experience with permanent lip makeup.

Before starting, the master looks at the natural pigment of the lips and selects the shade, taking into account individual wishes. Usually, girls wear permanent makeup a little darker than the natural shade or choose a cool, slightly brownish color to create the illusion of shadow and give the lips more volume.

The lips are then frozen to reduce or eliminate pain. With the help of a professional apparatus that resembles a tattoo machine, but with a thinner needle, the master carefully outlines the contour of the lips and slightly draws a new one, slightly higher. Thus, permanent makeup allows not only to make the lip contour brighter, to correct asymmetry, but also to visually enlarge them. After one procedure, it is necessary to visit the correction to fill in subtle gaps that may become brighter after a while. The effect of one procedure and correction lasts more than a year. The result is richer color, light volume and the ability to forget about lip liner forever.

Long-term styling of eyebrows

Many first saw the result of this procedure on the face of the Ukrainian singer Luna (Christina Bardash). Last year, long-term eyebrow styling was very popular in Ukraine and began to appear in the Russian salon industry. During the procedure, the eyebrow hairs are covered with a special compound - similar to the one used for eyelash lamination, but more concentrated and flexible. Before that, the master as a whole puts the eyebrows in order: he makes the shape more accurate, removes excess hairs, paints with henna or paint, and only then proceeds to styling the eyebrows.

The result is permanently raised eyebrow hairs, which create a thicker effect and give the look a fresh look, and also make it possible to abandon the use of gels and pomade to fix the eyebrows. Such eyebrow styling lasts for three to four weeks.>