For Beauty: 11 Designer Accessories

For Beauty: 11 Designer Accessories
For Beauty: 11 Designer Accessories

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Designer accessories do not require precise knowledge of the subject, and there cannot be too many of them. Hand or pocket mirrors (now the trend), combs, jewelry boxes and boxes, good towels, salt and bubble bath - it's hard to go wrong with such non-binding things. The main thing is to adhere to two simple rules: a decent brand and a neutral style, if you are not familiar with the taste of the addressee. You can turn to eternal values ​​(Louis Vuitton, Hermès, etc.) or be original.

News from the January salon Maison & Objet Paris - English designer Tom Dixon has launched a bath line, which includes both jars-boxes and soaps-lotions. Minimalistic design, fashionable materials (marble, copper, colored glass) - the style is more masculine, but many women like it too. A large selection of win-win accessories at Crate & Barrel, at the House of Porcelain, you should pay attention to the collection of Michael Aram, who turns even a glass for toothbrushes into an object of art, and in a tiny boutique “Accents” you have to go for classic women's items.


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