Smooth Me: 25 Proven Facial Peels

Smooth Me: 25 Proven Facial Peels
Smooth Me: 25 Proven Facial Peels

Video: Smooth Me: 25 Proven Facial Peels

Video: Smooth Me: 25 Proven Facial Peels

1. Vodka is added to lime and salt not only for lack of tequila - if you “flavor” this amusing mix with avocado, mango and coconut oil, you get Ocean Salt, Lush scrub that polishes the skin well, removes toxins and is suitable even for the strictest vegetarians.

2. Enzyme peeling Cellular Modeling Bio-Peel, La Colline already on the face turns from gel to oil, which is why its tactile properties only benefit. It works gently (well suited for sensitive skin), quickly oxygenates tissues and adds radiance.

3. Unlike most exfoliating products from the Hydra Sparkling line, Givenchy can be used daily. Powder is hidden in the blue bubble, which, in contact with water, turns into a light foam with barely perceptible granules. Cleans to squeak, but very delicately.

4. Scrub Mild Peeling, Babor gently exfoliates dead skin cells due to the crushed peach seed, which is part of it. One or two applications per week are enough to keep skin even and smooth.

5. For everyone who loses weight by the summer, the scrub from the SPA Professional, Gloria line will become a real outlet: closing your eyes, you can mistake the product for a dessert with strawberries, coconut and white chocolate. Effectively erases all unnecessary from the surface of the face (and body) due to sea salt and coconut shavings and nourishes very well: thanks to cocoa butter, shea butter and strawberry seeds in the composition.


6. Gommage Gelée Gommante Douceur, Payot does not contain abrasive particles - it deeply cleanses pores and exfoliates very gently due to papaya extract. Ideal for normal to dry skin.

7. Soft peeling Dermaclear Micro Milk Peel, Dr. Jart + with coconut milk, mineral water, panthenol and glutathione cleanses, softens and moisturizes the face, plus evens out skin tone (in the latter, Asians are especially strong).

8. Exfoliating Toner Amazing Exfoliating Water, Kenzoki is incredibly easy to use - you just need to apply it on a cotton pad and wipe it over your face. Nothing superfluous will remain on the skin - only a very pleasant invigorating aroma: the brand has long been famous for its fragrances.

9. Night peeling Idéalia Peeling, Vichy works for the beauty of your skin while you relax. Glycolic acid, blueberry extract and fermented black tea extract help to cope with dull, uneven complexion, uneven texture and enlarged pores.

Spring is early this year. When the sun is already active, it is best to avoid serious acid peels and laser resurfacing. This does not apply to home cosmetics: they can be used without the risk of getting pigmentation all year round.

10. The GlamGlow brand hails from Hollywood where it is loved for its quick and tangible effect. The Youthmud mask really does its job perfectly well: deeply cleanses pores, evens out skin texture, tones and invigorates, thanks to its fresh scent.

11. Exfoliating Powder Elements, H2O + acts very gently - in the right (read, slightly moistened with water) hands, it churns into a soft foam without a single hint of abrasive. It can be used as a make-up remover: it removes foundation and lipstick with the same success as keratinized skin particles.

12. 100% natural scrub powder G ommage À Mixer, Yves Rocher is essentially made up of crushed plants: just add a little of this powder to your cleanser and it instantly turns into an exfoliating agent.

13. In one tube of Masque Peeling Resurfaçant, Anne Semonin, three different peels are collected at once: chemical (fruit and alpha-hydroxy acid), mechanical (plant and mineral powders of silicon and citrine) and biological (protease). Acting in synergy, they leave skin radiant and smooth in minutes.

14. Sponge Konjak, L'Etoile is made from the fibers of the roots of the Japanese plant Konjak with the addition of chamomile. The soft sponge thoroughly cleanses the pores and delicately removes the stratum corneum, and you can use it without soap at all.

15. In the texture of the cream Doux Polissant, Clarins, in addition to the soothing extract of mimosa tenuiflora, two types of granules are hidden: some exfoliate, others polish the skin. As a result, it becomes smooth and tender, and the pores become narrower.

16. Ultra Gentle Exfoliating Gel, Ultraceuticals is ideal even for problem skin with acne: it delicately cleanses pores, reduces redness and irritation, helps get rid of comedones and breakouts, regulates sebum production and helps to narrow pores.

17. Only one minute is enough for the Dreamskin 1-Minute Mask, Capture Totale, Dior to make the skin smoother, velvety and radiant.

18. Facial scrub Crème Exfoliante Désincrustante, Caudalie deeply cleanses the face and tightens pores, without drying out the skin. But you can buy it for one scent - the product smells like grape candy.


19. Two proven fighters are responsible for the renewing and exfoliating properties of LZ-RENEWAL peeling, Vivescence: glycolic acid and fruit enzymes. A minute a week with it on your face is enough to make the last fresh and radiant.

20. Facial scrub Botanical Effects, Mary Kay is suitable even for those with sensitive skin, which does not prevent it from effectively removing dead skin cells and unclogging pores.

21. Scrub NovAge, Oriflaime is a mixture of exfoliating microparticles, lactic acid and shea butter with a pleasant and invigorating cucumber aroma.

22. Peeling mask Wild Rose, Korres has a high content of AHA acids (10%), but it feels very comfortable on the skin, even if you wait the maximum allowable time - the manufacturer recommends keeping it for 3 to 10 minutes. Among other advantages: the mask is applied as easily as a cream, smells unobtrusively, is easily washed off and leaves a feeling of hydration on the skin, to which a lightening effect will be added after a couple of applications.

23. Regular-looking (seriousness of intentions is betrayed only by a medical smell) pads with lactic acid PRO Brightening Peel Pads, Elizabeth Arden not only exfoliate well and give radiance, but also even out the complexion. Do not be alarmed by a slight tingling sensation: given the active composition of the "impregnation", this is normal.

24. Soaked with salicylic, almond and lactic acids, Transforming Synergy Peel, Stanley Jacobs MD Skin Care discs replace tonic in a daily care ritual. Perfect for those with clogged pores and a dull, uneven complexion - exfoliate very gently, gradually, but intensively. In the kit for the peeling, buy a cream with SPF - during the use of the product, UV protection is required.

25. Nightly Refining Micro-Peel Concentrate, Kiehl’s should be used in the evenings: apply to a previously cleansed face, avoiding the area around the eyes (the usual night cream after - is not forbidden). The tool is able to reduce the adhesion of cells in the stratum corneum, stimulating the natural renewal process. Thanks to this, after a week, the skin becomes softer and more radiant, its texture is improved, and the tone is evened out.>

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