Night Snipers: 8 Fighters For Your Youth And Beauty

Night Snipers: 8 Fighters For Your Youth And Beauty
Night Snipers: 8 Fighters For Your Youth And Beauty

Video: Night Snipers: 8 Fighters For Your Youth And Beauty

Video: Night Snipers: 8 Fighters For Your Youth And Beauty
Video: Stalingrad Snipers | Action, Guerre | Film Complet en français 2023, May

1 | Firming and moisturizing gel mask for the face Aquasource Everplump Night, Biotherm

The mask, black as night itself, nourishes the skin well with moisture and helps to keep it in the tissues throughout the night: it strengthens the skin's natural barrier against dehydration. You can apply it even while lying in bed, in the pitch darkness - a luminous applicator brush is attached to the tool.

2 | Rejuvenating night cream mousse L'Intemporel Nuit, Givenchy

The first thing that will delight you in the cream is weightless, like whipped cream, and at the same time nutritious (in the best traditions of night means) texture. And in the morning you will find your face healthy, refreshed, rested and full of energy for a new day.

3 | Night nourishing mask Wedding Masque, Aveda

The basis of the recipe of the product is taken from the ancient Indian ceremony of Khaldi: on the eve of the wedding, already married family members applied a special paste based on turmeric on the faces, arms, legs and feet of the spouses as a sign of blessing and wishes of good luck, and also so that they look perfect at the celebration. The Aveda mask is much more technologically advanced and more complex in composition, but much has remained unchanged: the composition is 97% natural and the wow effect in the morning.

4 | Restoring night mask for face, neck and décolleté Skin-Recovery Sleep Mask, Le Lift, Chanel

It took 12 years for Chanel lab scientists to develop the key ingredient in the Le Lift line - 3.5 DA, enriched with silk protein. And the time was not wasted: already on the first morning, the field of a new mask from this line, the skin becomes more rested, and after a month - smoother and more elastic in appearance.

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Photo: press service

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5 | Night two-phase peeling Visionnaire Crescendo, Lancôme

Gentle and at the same time effective night peeling helps the skin get rid of all unnecessary: from dead skin cells, and with them from a dull complexion. The transformation program lasts 28 days: first, fruit acids are taken to work - they gently renew the skin, improving its microrelief and color, and prepare for the application of a more intense second phase, and after two weeks, glycolic and salicylic acids come into play: they help to reduce wrinkles, tightens pores and evens out complexion.

6 | Firming night lifting cream for face and neck Resilience Lift Night, Estée Lauder

The texture of the product is so rich that it can be used not only as a nourishing cream on a daily basis, but also as a mask - once a week.

Inside - seaweed, stimulating the natural production of elastin, a complex with avocado oil and melon extract, which strengthens the hydrolipid barrier and resists moisture loss, as well as a team of three Tri-Peptide Lift peptides: each individually supports the production of collagen and fibronectin, while working in synergy, they show even more impressive results.

7 | Night cream Natura Kamchatka, Natura Siberica

One of the most famous domestic brands is expanding its geography - not so long ago, Natura Siberica opened an eco-farm in Kamchatka, where, in particular, a local variety of roses and an Arctic princess are grown. It is thanks to their presence in the composition that the new night cream nourishes the skin, restores its tone and energizes it.

8 | Firming night cream for the face Nutra Effects, Avon

An anti-aging cream based on extracts of quinoa seeds, pomegranate, grape seed, shea butter and phytol, as well as the patented Active Seed complex, was created specifically for those who have retired legally or in a year or two will happily take their labor from the HR department. It stimulates the natural metabolism of mature skin cells, helps to establish the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid, protect against free radicals, plus actively nourishes and moisturizes the skin.>

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