Dark Circles Under The Eyes: The Main Reasons And The Right Ways To Get Rid Of

Dark Circles Under The Eyes: The Main Reasons And The Right Ways To Get Rid Of
Dark Circles Under The Eyes: The Main Reasons And The Right Ways To Get Rid Of

Video: Dark Circles Under The Eyes: The Main Reasons And The Right Ways To Get Rid Of

Video: Dark Circles Under The Eyes: The Main Reasons And The Right Ways To Get Rid Of
Video: How to Get Rid of Dark Circles - 7 Pro Tips and Natural Remedies 2023, April

Why do bruises appear under the eyes

The skin in the eye area is very thin and delicate. That is why dark circles can be the result of the transparency of the skin in this part of the face: the capillaries are very noticeable here and can create a darkening effect at special lighting angles. However, this is only one of the reasons for the appearance of bruises under the eyes.

In her Telegram channel, a professional dermatologist-cosmetologist Victoria Filimonova notes reasons such as allergic reactions to various substances in the air, dust and even animal hair; lack of iron or dehydration; smoking, drinking alcohol, coffee and hot spices; thinning of the subcutaneous fatty tissue in this area due to weight loss or with age; internal diseases (poor circulation, kidney, liver, heart and thyroid problems); chronic fatigue syndrome, lack of sleep and constant work at the computer; congenital or acquired pigmentation.

How to remove dark circles under the eyes

Before you start solving this problem, you need to soberly assess your lifestyle. If you don't sleep much, are constantly stressed and spend most of the day in front of a computer screen and phone, then it is worth building a proper sleep schedule, starting to engage in relaxation (for example, meditation) and introducing facial massage into the care. It is also worth removing alcohol, coffee and nicotine for a couple of weeks (or forever). If after that the bruises do not disappear, then it is necessary, together with the therapist and the cosmetologist, to look for the cause of dark circles in the work of internal organs and the functioning of the skin in the eye area.

Care cosmetics

Special creams and serums remove dark circles if they appear due to lack of rest and abuse of cigarettes, alcohol, coffee. Such funds mainly contain ingredients that disperse the blood: menthol, caffeine or troxerutin / heparin (the latter are also active substances in creams for varicose veins, hemorrhoids and ordinary bruises). Thanks to creams with these components, microcirculation is stimulated, the skin is oxygenated and moisturized, which just gradually removes darkening.


Beauty gadgets are especially effective for eliminating dark circles. For example, gel masks that cool the skin and thus improve microcirculation. There are also devices with which you can massage such a delicate and hard-to-reach area like the area around the eyes. Smart massagers stimulate blood circulation and turn the care of this part of the face into a relaxing beauty ritual, which is especially important for those who have the cause of bruising under their eyes lies in stress and lack of sleep. All this works more effectively in combination with creams and serums for dark circles.


The most affordable way to stimulate blood circulation in the skin around the eyes is self-massage. The only but - the effect of it is cumulative, so it requires regularity and correct implementation of the technique.


There are several types of injections that can help clear dark circles under the eyes. For example, some cosmetologists inject a loose filler based on hyaluronic acid - this method is suitable for those who have indications for correcting the nasolacrimal sulcus. If a filler is injected without such an indication, there is a high risk of severe edema due to the attraction of water molecules by the hyaluron. The second type of injections is mesotherapy drugs that restore collagen and elastic fibers. Especially recommended among professional cosmetologists is the drug of this action - MesoEye C71.

Decorative cosmetics

As long as you remove the blue under the eyes in the way that suits you, in the daytime you can use the tricks of the makeup artists. To hide under-eye circles, first of all, use a product with reflective particles: it can be a half-drop of highlighter or a special shining concealer for the eye area. After that, you can apply concealer to hide the dark pigment. Thanks to this scheme, the chance to cover up the bruises under the eyes is higher, the gaze seems rested and more open.


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