Scandal Around Armie Hammer - Details

Scandal Around Armie Hammer - Details
Scandal Around Armie Hammer - Details

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2021 for the actor Armie Hammer did not start very well: a chilling scandal broke out around the handsome man. On January 10, correspondence with unknown girls got on Twitter, whom the actor assures that he is a cannibal and would not refuse to drink the blood of girls and eat them. The comments below the tweet contain screenshots of Hammer's conversations with other users with whom he discusses dark fantasies.

This is not the first time this skeleton has fallen out of the closet of the Call Me by Your Name star Luca Guadagnino. Last summer, just as Hammer and his wife, fashion model Elizabeth Chambers, celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary, a correspondence with a user under the nickname Dominastya surfaced. Sexting with a slight touch of BDSM lasted three years and, as some suggest, could have caused the Hammer-Chambers couple to divorce.

Armie Hammer and Elizabeth Chambers
Armie Hammer and Elizabeth Chambers

The media quickly picked up the anonymous leaks, but few took them for granted. Everything became much more serious after the statement of a very real eyewitness of Armie's perversions: on January 12, writer Jessica Chinchin Henriquez, who went on a date with the actor in September, wrote: “If you still doubt the authenticity of those personal messages (and they are genuine), then it is worth considering why we live in a society that questions the words of the victim, but not the abuser."

A day later, Armie Hammer left the cast of the action comedy "Shotgun Wedding", in which he was supposed to marry Jennifer Lopez. The actor said that he did not intend to comment on the "delusional accusations", but due to "cruel and false" online attacks, he was forced to abandon months of filming away from his children (before the divorce, the family lived in the Cayman Islands, in the summer Army returned to Los Angeles and from that moment on, he cannot agree with the ex-wife on the schedule of custody of his daughter and son). The film studio Lionsgate, which produced the film, did not influence the actor's decision.

Next, Hammer turned down the Gaslit series about the Watergate scandal, citing inconsistencies in the schedule. The activists observing the development of history have already started to "bury" the actor a little: for example, for several hours they added the postscript "a real cannibal" to Armie's name on Wikipedia.

Insiders conveyed to the journalists the words of his ex-wife: she is allegedly shocked by who the father of her children has become, calls Armie a monster and unconditionally believes the girls who decided to break the silence. On January 14, eloquent videos were added to the unpleasant correspondence exposing Armie's sadistic habits (for example, he manipulated the girls to give him their blood and refuse stop-words so that the actor did whatever he wanted). On them, Hammer drinks at the wheel and licks white crystals from his friend's palm. This became a trigger for rumors not only about the mental instability of a man, but also about drug addiction.

Speaking of the latter, on January 15, the Daily Mail published a detailed list of Armie's sins, which the actor reports on in a closed Instagram account with 16 subscribers (presumably, the most devoted friends, who also coincide in deviations). So, Hammer photographed a negative drug test (the court decided to pass the test so that the actor could see the children) and signed: “Negative, ***! Finally, my body has turned into a recycling plant. Although there was THC and benzenes in my urine, who doesn't? " Recall: the wife did not suspect of anything for ten long years. The actor added, “Divorce is a lot of fun. Not like drugs, of course. But what can compare with them? " Also anonymous ex-passions admittedthat after a relationship with Hammer, they took an impressive amount of money to psychotherapists - a mentally unstable lover notoriously spoiled the psyche of the girls.

You can not trust the tabloids and anonymous sources, you can even assume that the account for several people is led by some hater very similar to Hammer (or just an actor - well, a very specific humorist), but not trusting Armie himself is strange. On January 18, the actor apologized to the organizers of the Miss Cayman Islands contest in the Cayman Compass and directly confirmed the authenticity of the leaked account.

“I want to clarify: the girl in the video stolen from my personal account does not have the title of 'Miss Cayman Islands'. I sincerely regret the confusion over my awkward attempt at a joke. I apologize to the organizers of the beauty pageant and the real owner of the Miss Cayman Islands title, whom I am not familiar with,”said the actor.

Whether Hammer is planning to apologize to his many lovers, viewers and family just as easily is unclear. But so far, he obviously got off with a little blood. Let's see if the name of the "one hundred percent cannibal" is whitewashed from the box office.

Armie Hammer is a 34-year-old American actor, best known for the roles of the twins Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss in David Fincher's The Social Network, Prince Andrew Alcott in Tarsem Singh's Snow White: Revenge of the Dwarfs, John Reed in Mount Verbinski's Lone Ranger, Ilya Kuryakin in Guy Ritchie's "Agents of ANKL", and Oliver in Luca Guadagnino's Call Me by Your Name.

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