5 Awesome Workouts You Can Do Anywhere

5 Awesome Workouts You Can Do Anywhere
5 Awesome Workouts You Can Do Anywhere

Video: 5 Awesome Workouts You Can Do Anywhere

Video: 5 Awesome Workouts You Can Do Anywhere

Exercises for the muscles of the neck

The trainer at Elastic Personal Training Studio shows you the technique of effective exercises to strengthen and relax your neck muscles. They can be done not only anywhere (if desired, even in the office or on the beach), but also at any time of the day. This warm-up is very beneficial for posture and prevents sagging of the lower third of the face. The main thing is to do all the exercises slowly, feeling your body.

Complex for abdominal muscles

A detailed and very visual video tutorial for pumping abs from the gymnast and founder of SM Stretching studios Samira Mustafaeva. To perform these exercises, you only need strength and desire: the fitness mat can be replaced with a towel, and the ball can be replaced with a book or a bottle of water.

Express training for all muscle groups

Truly intense cardio and bodyweight work from celebrity trainer Kirsty Godso (by the way, she works out with Maria Sharapova). For training, it is important to choose a non-slip surface and comfortable running shoes. And also, before you start these jumps, which pump your arms, back, abs and legs, it is better to do a light warm-up and stretch.

Complex for the muscles of the legs and buttocks

A calmer, but equally effective workout with an emphasis on the muscles of the buttocks and legs. Since the load occurs due to work with its own weight and twisting, the muscles of the arms and the press are also involved here. You can even do this workout while wearing a swimsuit. But first, it is better to try to do it in front of a mirror in order to achieve the correct execution technique.

Exercise with yoga elements

15-minute stretching exercise from the famous Ukrainian twerking coach Maria Skorchenko. These exercises can be done in the morning to recharge and disperse fluid in the body. And also this set is perfect for stretching after running or the above exercises from other trainers. Or you can do some exercises with Maria and then get inspired by her twerk video and start learning to dance in front of the mirror.>

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