Igor Rybakov And Aleksey Sergienko - About The Throne With $ 1 Million And The Energy Of Money

Igor Rybakov And Aleksey Sergienko - About The Throne With $ 1 Million And The Energy Of Money
Igor Rybakov And Aleksey Sergienko - About The Throne With $ 1 Million And The Energy Of Money

Video: Igor Rybakov And Aleksey Sergienko - About The Throne With $ 1 Million And The Energy Of Money

Video: Igor Rybakov And Aleksey Sergienko - About The Throne With $ 1 Million And The Energy Of Money
Video: Секрет успеха миллиардера. Куда инвестирует Рыбаков? Big Money на Технониколь. 2023, March

After the spectators of the Gazprom Arena woke up $ 20,000 during the Synergy Global forum, Igor Rybakov, a billionaire, blogger, philanthropist and hero of the occasion, decided to raise the stakes and amaze the public with a large number of bills. Here the artist and yogi Aleksey Sergienko came to the rescue. You know him for sure, even if you are not particularly interested in sovrisk: Alexey, among others, painted the paintings "Putin in Daisies" and "Putin, Star, Crown", which Aysel Trudel chose for items from the Aizel x Team Putin collection. At the junction of big money and big art, a throne of glass, filled with genuine dollar bills, appeared. Igor and Aleksey explained what it was, why and for whom, and also discussed the materiality of thoughts, the formulation of goals and self-knowledge.

- Let's start with the background: how did the idea to pour $ 1 million into the glass throne come about? I know that you have invested equally - $ 500 thousand each and the project should radiate the energy of money. How does it even work?

- Igor Rybakov: It all started many years ago. When I was a child, my father called me over, gave me a dollar and said: “It doesn't matter who you become, it is important to learn how to multiply money. And when you multiply, teach others. " Actually, this is how everything turned out in my life, and on October 4, at the Synergy Global business forum in St. Petersburg, I presented my solo performance “The Stake Has Played”. There I remembered the story about my father and with the words “I did it. Now I want you to succeed! " threw 20 thousand Rybakov dollars onto the auditorium. One dollar bills with the inscription "X10" - I call them tickets to a better future. Alexey was at my performance and was very inspired.

- Alexey Sergienko: The rain of money became the brightest event of the forum, everyone discussed it. Dollars began to be transferred to each other, sold on Avito - money began to flow.

- Igor Rybakov: The movement of fishery coins.

- Alexey Sergienko: Igor and I know each other from the Equium club (an initiative of the Rybakov Fund, a closed club aimed at the growth and development of entrepreneurs - RBC Style), I painted his portrait. Igor said: "Let's play this story further, make an art project." So the idea was born to build a throne filled with a real million dollars, the energy of money. A million dollars is a brand, a universal dream. We could have 60 million rubles. to invest in the throne, but what is 60 million rubles?

- Igor Rybakov: It's just good. In general, I suggested to Alexei to create an object that would increase human desires tenfold. X10 is my concept. That is, a person sits on the throne, thinks about love - love becomes ten times more. But you need to be careful: if you sit on the throne with negative thoughts or wish someone bad luck, everything will still multiply tenfold. Therefore, it is better for yourself, others and the whole world to wish something good and useful: happiness, fulfillment, satisfaction, well-being.

Igor Rybakov
Igor Rybakov

Igor Rybakov © Georgy Kardava

- That is, the energy of the throne extends not only to the financial sphere?

- Igor Rybakov: We are not made up of only finances. Money cannot be the goal - it is just a tool that enhances the rest of our lives.

- Do you already have specific examples of the influence of the throne on people?

- Alexey Sergienko: Yes, with me. I spent a month preparing this project, uttered the words "dollars" and "money", probably a thousand times a day, discussed the throne at meetings and somehow imperceptibly began to treat money differently. I feel that there are more of them - I visualized them. It all starts with a thought. Then comes the word, the deed, and then the thought materializes. That's how I got richer. I guarantee the throne is working.

- Igor Rybakov: There is a direct connection between feelings and behavior. First feelings arise, then thoughts, then deeds. Here we are preparing the throne for the presentation, Alexei has already announced that he has decided to open his gallery in Moscow - that is, he is ready to develop his business. During the year that I was preparing to perform in St. Petersburg, and during the two months that we were inventing the throne, there was also a giant shift in the money sphere. Imagine, money loves movement and quickly leaves people who are ashamed of their fortune, put it off for a rainy day, and hide it in safes. For example, as soon as the movement began, the shares of my company Prytek rose from $ 120 million to $ 270 million. I did not find any other explanation except the energy of money. And in this joke there is only a grain of a joke.

- Alexey Sergienko: I have an interactive art enterprise in Moscow - the Museum of Emotions, - its shares have also risen in price (in this museum, located in the Arma business quarter, the throne will be on display from December 1 - RBC Style) … In three months from 450 thousand rubles. up to 1.2 million rubles. True, they are growing organically: the number of visitors has increased, people are buying shares. Where the focus is, there is growth. You think about food - you constantly eat, you get better. You think about money - you get rich. All my projects meet several criteria. First, to benefit people: we want people and, as a result, our country to become richer. Secondly, the product must be unique. Tron is the first art project made of glass and dollars, and even the most expensive art object in Russia. It can be carried around the country, shown to people - this is also a prerequisite, art must breathe. The throne will work: several thousand people can sit on it per day.

Alexey Sergienko
Alexey Sergienko

Alexey Sergienko © Georgy Kardava

- Igor Rybakov: Imagine how many people a year.

- Alexey Sergienko: Imagine how the monetary energy will be distributed throughout Russia.

- Igor Rybakov: By the way, many people think that money loves silence - a kind of traditional belief of people from the former USSR. When we don't talk about money, we don't let it into our life. What you avoid - you will not get that. And we give people the opportunity to afford this million dollars and even more. Everyone needs money. Money is always needed. We love giving people a chance to let money into their lives.

- Alexey Sergienko: Art critic Dmitry Ozerkov, with whom I often consult, said that our art object is a turning point in the history of attitudes towards money in Russia: “Money no longer likes silence. In the cold Moscow winter, they want to grow like a snowball."

- Did you appreciate the resourcefulness of the people who began to sell your dollars on Avito? You bought them back, as far as I know.

- Aleksey Sergienko: Yes, Igor's team bought a certain amount so that we could put them under glass in velvet boxes and give them to friends at the presentation. By the way, we'll sell the rest. If a person can afford to buy $ 1 for $ 1000, they are thinking in the right direction.

- Igor Rybakov: Well, excuse me, in a velvet box it is already an art object, and not just a dollar. This is already the machine of the highest financial revelation. I would never buy $ 1 for $ 1000.

- Alexey Sergienko: But when it's in a box …

- Igor Rybakov: I'll tell you about Avito. I personally made three calls in one day. Not one, having found out who was calling them, agreed to sell me a dollar. I say: "Listen, boy, this ticket to life has already worked for you, sell it to me - I will launch it into life for other people." After these words, they gave me dollars. Actually, conversations with "Avitovtsy" and prompted us to convey this idea through contemporary art to a wider circle of people.

We could have 60 million rubles. to invest in the throne, but what is 60 million rubles?

- I wanted to ask about your lectures. Are they bearing tangible fruit? Do people come up to you with the words: “Igor, you helped me so much! I made ten million."

- Igor Rybakov: Of course, many are suitable. But I propose to look objectively: it is important not who said what, but what has changed in the life of these people. If a person creates a new production, builds a school, opens jobs - does something useful, then yes, my advice worked. This is the case with visitors to my seminars, subscribers to my YouTube channel and Instagram, members of the Equium club.

- Alexey, you, too, gravitate towards enlightenment, coaching. What are your achievements?

- Alexey Sergienko: I have been teaching for 28 years. Initially, he worked as a children's karate trainer and introduced meditation into classes. A month later, my parents showered me with gratitude: the children began to study better and get sick less. Since then, the principle of the direct benefit from learning has come first for me. I will not say that my students begin to earn better, but it is better to live - for sure: they eat right, practice breathing practices, study art, get sick less and travel more. One, for example, is now riding a wooden bicycle in Africa. More than a year goes. He retrained from a businessman to a writer, divorced his wife and went to look for his love.

- And from whom do you yourself learn?

- Alexey Sergienko: I like the psychologist Mikhail Borodyansky. He gave me his book, I read and understood how people are generally arranged, why I behaved in a certain way in childhood, why I act in a certain way now. And most importantly - why. And so my teachers are Pablo Picasso and Leonardo da Vinci.

- Igor Rybakov: I am inspired by our great psychologist Lev Semyonovich Vygotsky. He wrote his works a hundred years ago - they are relevant to this day. I am very glad that we are returning Vygotsky to the school curriculum in Russia. All over the world he has long been in favor: Finland, the United States rely on his works. And my favorite mentor is Jack Ma.

Photo: Georgy Kardava
Photo: Georgy Kardava

© Georgy Kardava

- Alexey, you said that you do not have a single unprofitable project. How can you monetize the throne?

- Alexey Sergienko: It will definitely bring income: people will buy tickets, related souvenirs. Among other things, it can simply be sold for $ 10 million. Or maybe more expensive - actual art is inexpensive at first, but when it becomes overgrown with legends, it gains fame, it rises in price at times, like Damien Hirst's shark. He also sold the shark in formaldehyde for $ 12 million to the owner of the business center. There was an ordinary business center, but now a business center with a shark - rent has risen, and everything - the owner is in the black.

- One of the most frequent questions about Igor Rybakov: how do you manage to move up the Forbes list with your multitasking, YouTube channel, coaching, musical activity?

- Igor Rybakov: For 25 years I have been improving myself within the Technonikol company, the following have been introduced: careful production as a philosophy, business processes have been established, all types of losses have been eliminated. And suddenly - providence. The Almighty prompted me that the further prosperity of the company is associated with my access to people, with the transmission of the accumulated knowledge to all other spheres of life in our country. That is, at first I created an effective company, then I worked to increase my own fame, popularity - for the brand. Now the brand is working for me. My company Technonikol achieved revenues of 120 billion rubles and continues to grow by 10% per year, and, for example, the shares of my investment holding Prytek rose when Bloomberg wrote about Rybakov's debut album “Summer was leaving”, dedicated to his wife. In general, I revealed the secret: if you become famous, there will be more money.

Money loves movement and quickly leaves people who are ashamed of their fortune, save it for a rainy day, and hide it in safes.

- Speaking of the album. Is this a story purely for music venues, for your wife, or can you perform, for example, at presentations? Do you have a similar ambition?

- Igor Rybakov: Alexey tried to persuade me to sing at the presentation of the throne. It is of course possible. If you go on tour - so with the album and with the throne. I will tell you a secret: now I am preparing a grandiose Money Service for the fall of 2020. More details will be announced later. In general, you have touched on a very interesting topic. Plans or ambitions … In the end, I never imagined a performance at the Gazprom-Arena with money rain. By planning something, we put ourselves in a prison of limitations: how do we know what exactly will lead us to success? We immobilize ourselves with our plans … Paradoxically. In short, there is an ambition.

- Wait, how is it "immobilizing ourselves with plans"? But what about the focus of attention?

- Igor Rybakov: There is a difference: wanting to become a singer and want to become famous. If you want to become a singer, you will sing in some basement karaoke. It has come true: you are a singer. What if God decides that you are not a singer and fame awaits you in another area?

- You are nominated for the RBC Prize. Can you tell us what achievement or achievements this year you consider the most important for yourself?

- Игорь Рыбаков: Во-первых, для меня это год самовыражения в современном искусстве. Во-вторых, мы с моей супругой Катей учредили Rybakov Prize, эдакую Нобелевскую премию в сфере образования. К слову, приз тоже $1 млн. Год сплошных миллионов. В-третьих, моя новая компания Prytek показала стремительный рост на международных рынках. Особые достижения - это мои книги: «ТОК» - о том, как совершать выгодные шаги без потерь, и «ОТЕЦ» - о том, как воспитать своих детей чемпионами (совместный проект с отцом и тренером Хабиба - Абдулманапом Нурмагомедовым). Очень здорово, что такие премии, как Премия РБК, существуют: за признание люди готовы горы сворачивать.

- Alexey Sergienko: And I am equally proud of the new mastered asana and business success. Tron, of course, is a very important and strong project not only in 2019, but in life in general. I also opened the Museum of Emotions in Moscow and got a building in St. Petersburg opposite the cruiser Aurora for an interactive museum of contemporary art. Four buildings of 2 thousand square meters. m free. Now in St. Petersburg will be the world's first museum where you can interact with the exhibits.>

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