7 Love Stories Of Celebrities And Fans

7 Love Stories Of Celebrities And Fans
7 Love Stories Of Celebrities And Fans

Video: 7 Love Stories Of Celebrities And Fans

Video: 7 Love Stories Of Celebrities And Fans
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Many have long been accustomed to the fact that celebrities marry and marry people of their own circle - the same successful actors, musicians and gossip characters. It happens that people of ordinary professions go down the aisle with the owners of star status. And sometimes happiness smiles at fans of the stars - in response to an extravagant trick or the belief that a loved one will definitely reciprocate.

Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet

The actor, who became famous after his role as Khal Drogo in the TV series "Game of Thrones", met his love when he was eight years old. On James Corden's Very Late Show, the actor revealed that he fell in love with actress Lisa Bonet when he first saw her on TV. Then Jason told his mother that he only needed this woman. The twelve-year age difference and the fact that the actress was married to rock star Lenny Kravitz did not embarrass Aquaman's future. He firmly decided that when he grows up, he will find Bone and marry her.

Jason and Lisa met in 2005 at a party with mutual friends and quickly found a common language - they immediately began dating. The wedding took place 12 years later, in 2017. During this time, the actors had two children - in 2007, a daughter, Lola Aiolani Momoa, was born, and a year later, the son of Nakoa-Wolf Manakoapo Namakaha Momoa.

Natalia Guseva and Denis Murashkevich

A similar story happened with the actress Natalya Guseva, who played Alisa Selezneva in the fantastic film "Guest from the Future".

A teenager from Minsk Denis Murashkevich fell in love with the girl from the screen at first sight and decided that he would definitely marry her. Five years later, Murashkevich found a way to meet the idol. As Murashkevich's friends say, when in November 1987, 15-year-old Natalya came to Minsk with her grandmother, the young man decided on a desperate act. Denis's friends dressed up as postmen and delivered a package to the young actress's room - a large box from under the TV. The pseudo-postmen insisted that the cargo should be brought into the room, signed the girl's fake delivery receipt and left. Then Denis got out of the box.

The adventure turned out to be successful - in 1993 Natalya and Denis got married. In 1996, their daughter was born. Murashkevich's mother suggested calling the girl Alice, but Natalya chose the name Alesya. In 2001, the couple divorced, but maintained a good relationship.

John Travolta and Kelly Preston

When 16-year-old Kelly saw the poster for the film "Grease", in which Travolta played the main role, she decided that she would marry the actor. Preston claims that she seemed to be dawning. "I left the cinema, looked at the poster and realized: I will definitely be with him."

Travolta and Preston met in 1987 on the set of the comedy The Experts, and in 1991 Kelly's dream came true - she married John. The couple have two children - daughter Ella and son Benjamin. Travolta and Preston's eldest son, Jett, died in 2009.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

In this pair, both are holders of "star status", but the role of a devoted fan went to Kanye West. He admired Kim since he saw in the photo with Paris Hilton, but he did not immediately decide on courtship. Kardashian at the time was married to basketball player Chris Humphries. As West confesses, he bought his first mobile phone to chat with Kim. The rapper jokes that he was not planning anything, he just sent her photos of aged basketball players who were once "stars" and wrote: "This is what awaits you!" The marriage of Kim and Chris was short-lived - the wedding took place in August 2011, and in October the couple filed for divorce. In April 2012, while still officially remaining the wife of Humphries, Kim began dating Kanye.

The divorce was finalized in April 2013, and in October the rapper and reality TV star got engaged. The luxurious wedding took place in May 2014. Now the couple have three children, and they are expecting a fourth baby.

Patrick Dempsey and Jillian Fink

Actor and race car driver Patrick Dempsey once signed up for a haircut at a Deluxe salon in Los Angeles. Stylist Gillian Fink is a big fan of Dempsey, and when she saw his name on the list of clients, she decided that it was a coincidence or an employer's joke. The girl was shocked when the actor actually showed up at the salon. True, the first real date took place three years later - the couple began dating in 1997, and the wedding took place on July 31, 1999. In February 2002, the couple had a daughter, Talulah Fife, and in February 2007, the twins Sullivan Patrick and Darby Gailen. The marriage cannot be called cloudless, since Dempsey and Fink almost broke up in 2015. However, three years later, the couple announced the renewal of their relationship and officially ended the divorce proceedings.

Adam Sandler and Jackie Titone

The little-known actress Jacqueline "Jackie" Titone became the chosen one of the actor, musician, screenwriter and producer Adam Sandler.

Jacqueline was a passionate fan of Sandler and persuaded her friend actor Robert Schneider, who starred with Adam, to arrange a meeting with her idol. They met for several years and got married in 2003 according to Jewish tradition - Jackie converted to Judaism before the wedding. The couple have two daughters: Sadie Madison, who was born in 2006, and Sunny Madeline, who was born in 2008. After the wedding, Titone's acting career took off - she starred in many of her husband's films.

Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth

The famous "Legally Blonde" Reese Witherspoon has been married to her fan, casting agent Jim Toth for eight years. The actress says that her acquaintance with Thoth was not too romantic: his drunken friend threatened Reese in the bar. Jim saved the day - he apologized to the actress for his friend, explaining that he had just broken up with his girlfriend and therefore behaves this way. This act endeared Witherspoon to the young man. They started dating in 2010 and got married a year later. According to Reese, who had two unsuccessful marriages, Thoth restored her faith in love and relationships. “He constantly said,“I’m ready to show every day what it means to be a good partner. I will take care of you every day, and gradually you will get used to it,”Reese recalls. "Nobody has ever treated me like that."A year after the wedding, the couple had a son, Tennessee, James. The press discussed information that before the wedding, Witherspoon signed a prenuptial agreement with the groom. However, this is denied by friends of the actress: "The contract would mean that this man is not suitable for her.">

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