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Best Brad Pitt Quotes
Best Brad Pitt Quotes

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Video: Best Brad Pitt Quotes
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My generation grew up with the idea that you must always be strong, you must not show weakness. Now all this is funny to me, really. Personally, I came to the only conclusion from my own experience. In relations with children, with loved ones and loved ones, and with oneself, the main thing is openness. Well, let you sometimes look weak! You need to learn to know and recognize yourself. Because only this knowledge gives a person real confidence.

Hearing your little baby spitting up is the happiest moment in life.

Today we live in a different world. We reflect more, go to psychologists. And I come from places where a sign of strength is not to scream about bruises, cuts or diseases, but to deal with them silently.

Do not talk about what you know nothing about. That's why I don't like interviews. Journalists ask me what I think about China and Tibet. Who cares what I think about this? I am the person who works with the script. I'm a grown dude who puts on makeup.

Photo: Rebecca Sapp / Getty Images for SBIFF
Photo: Rebecca Sapp / Getty Images for SBIFF

© Rebecca Sapp / Getty Images for SBIFF

After the divorce, I went to psychotherapy and realized how wonderful it is. I am delighted. I went through two psychologists and finally found mine.

I have never spent so much time in a skirt in my life as on the set of Troy.

Once I called my grandfather. “We've seen your movie here,” said the grandfather. "Which one, grandfather?" - I said. And he shouted to my grandmother: "Hey, Betty, what was the name of the movie that made me puke the day before?"

… a real sense of hopelessness came to me later - when I became what they call a Hollywood star. I was not ready for this … attention storm. And I felt … You know, we have such a bad sexist tradition in the American outback, common among builders - to whistle and shout grease to lonely girls passing by. So, I felt like a girl walking alone, not just past, but along the construction site itself. Then I decided: as soon as the image was earned, it was urgent to destroy it. For example, he was such a sweet thing in "Thelma and Louise" - urgently play the madman in "12 Monkeys". Etc.

A scene from the film "Thelma and Louise"
A scene from the film "Thelma and Louise"

Still from the film "Thelma and Louise" ©

Where I grew up, alcoholism, drugs, generally the so-called bad behavior were signs of weakness. And everyone was terribly afraid to appear weak. And here, in Los Angeles, the previously unacceptable turned out to be almost the norm. I had to learn not to judge anyone.

In truth, I don't want people to know who I am. I don't know anything about my favorite actors. And I don't think it's worth it. Otherwise, the actors will become individuals.

I forgive myself for the wrong decisions. I’m not proud of them, but I appreciate my every offense - they make me wiser. Wisdom is impossible without mistakes.

I think we live in a time when it is customary to draw sudden conclusions about each other, to condemn, not to give second chances. We attach too much importance to mistakes. But a person is determined not by a mistake, but by the step that he will take after it.

"To hell!" is the first thing I heard from Anthony Hopkins on the set of Legends of Autumn. Since then, it has been like a soundtrack of my life, the basic principle: "Fuck it all!"

Shot from the film "Legends of Autumn"
Shot from the film "Legends of Autumn"

Shot from the film "Legends of Autumn" ©

I am thrilled with the development of streaming platforms because I finally see bold, candid work that film companies would not dare to do. Cinema in the classical sense has been reduced to blockbusters. Not that it's a bad thing, it's just that I see more thought-provoking projects on streaming. For example, "Two Popes".

I am glad that everything around is changing and developing. You have to work under the proposed circumstances and with what you have. It's pointless to complain.

I am a famous anti-cry. Does such a word even exist? I haven't cried for twenty years, but now, in my old age, I can be moved by looking at children, talking with friends, reading the news. Yes, just be moved. In my opinion, this is a good sign. I don't know where this will lead, but I like the new ability.

Since graduating from college, I can't remember a day when I didn't drink or smoke a joint. I was drinking terribly. This quickly became a problem. We had a winery and I loved wine. He loved it so much that he simply ruined her. I could get drunk with wine, then crawl under the table and catch up with vodka. Oh yes, I was good! I am very glad that this is all in the past.

The main thing in the profession is to embody stories that resonate personally with me, which I am not ashamed to leave behind. Which my children will be proud of. I want to show them my films, saying: "Look, your daddy made it!"

Brad Pitt in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
Brad Pitt in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Brad Pitt in the movie "Once Upon a Time in … Hollywood" ©

Quitting university in a couple of weeks to graduate is a big decision. Such moments are not forgotten: you completely change the course of life and trust your intuition. I knew that the life that I kind of chose for myself was not mine. I didn’t want to look for a job in some newspaper and generally work anywhere, just to pass the time. I felt that I wanted something completely different. I want to try acting in a film and see where it leads.

One of the brightest, most correct decisions in life is to make Angie the mother of her children.

Glory is a b ****, dudes.

I have never heard anyone laugh more or louder than an African woman who has lost nine children. I've never been able to laugh like that. When I heard it, I first understood rhythm and blues. It is glee born of unbearable pain.

Being married means farting in bed and eating ice cream there.

When you meet a person, do you pay attention to their appearance? It's superficial. Those who do not catch on at first glance can turn into the most beautiful people in the world after a short conversation. Look at the great actors: not a single sex symbol and handsome.

Shot from the movie "Mr. and Mrs. Smith"
Shot from the movie "Mr. and Mrs. Smith"

Still from the movie "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" ©

When I put on a motorcycle helmet, I become invisible. People treat me like a regular guy on a bike. And then I can understand everything about them.

I am naturally vain. My theory is that you have to be a shark in life. Move constantly. You can't stop.

Happiness is overrated. There should be a place for drama and struggle in life.

These heartbreakers are a dime a dozen!

I dream that in old age I will paint pictures, sculpt sculptures, do something with my hands. My dream is to go around Chile on a bike. My dream is to fly to Morocco. But for now - I just have to do my job and go home to my family. Here are my daily adventures.

The older you are, the better you understand yourself. You become closer to yourself.

By the way, I'm dying amazingly. This is one of my strengths. I masterfully substitute for a bullet in the frame.

Yes, I am one of the people you hate for winning the genetic lottery.

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