How To Do Sports At Home: 7 Safety Rules

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How To Do Sports At Home: 7 Safety Rules
How To Do Sports At Home: 7 Safety Rules

Video: How To Do Sports At Home: 7 Safety Rules

Video: How To Do Sports At Home: 7 Safety Rules
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The advantage of training at home is that there is enough desire and free space for them. But it is worth following a few rules so as not to risk your health and get benefits and pleasure from classes. These tips will come in handy after quarantine. Perhaps you’re getting into the habit of exercising at home and choosing not to waste time commuting to the club, or adding home workouts to your workouts at the gym.

Rule number 1: set goals and pick the load

Try to honestly answer the question of what training is for. The load, training plan and mood depend on this. Some are going to normalize their weight, others are going to get out of quarantine and run a marathon, and still others want to move in order to keep fit and good mood. Before you start exercising, you should consult with your doctor and trainer. The doctor will assess the state of health and warn what to look for. This is especially true for those who have not been involved in sports before, and people over 45. The trainer will recommend suitable loads, help you create a program, and give instructions on exercise techniques. During self-isolation, fitness clubs offer individual home workout programs and video lessons.

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Photo: Scott Broome / Unsplash
Photo: Scott Broome / Unsplash

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Rule # 2: schedule

Sport takes time. Finding a free hour for training is difficult - there is a temptation to find things that are more important than training. Therefore, exercise should be included in your daily schedule. Plan three to four workouts per week. It is suitable for beginners and experienced athletes. With such a schedule, sports will not become a daily duty that you want to dodge, and your muscles will have time to recover between workouts. Choose a convenient time, not necessarily morning or evening. The main thing is not to exercise before bedtime and immediately after eating - here you need a break of one and a half to two hours.

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Rule # 3: choose software and hardware

If there is no ready-made individual program and personal trainer, you can use mobile sports applications. The smartphone will offer a workout plan and video instructions, as well as select a playlist for training and make a useful menu.

For home activities, a minimum set of sports equipment is suitable:

  • mat;
  • fitness elastic band;
  • typesetting dumbbells that allow you to adjust the weight.

Additionally, you can hang a horizontal bar in the doorway and buy TRX hinges.

In addition, comfortable clothing and shoes are required for training. Exercise with sneakers to avoid slipping or twisting your leg.

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