7 Useful Apps That Save Money And The Environment

7 Useful Apps That Save Money And The Environment
7 Useful Apps That Save Money And The Environment

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Eatme Food Rescue Service

A free mobile application helps you save food from cafes and restaurants and get big discounts for it. Thus, the developers of the service propose not only to save, but also to fight against food waste, because every year a third of all food produced in the world is thrown away. Thousands of establishments are getting rid of delicious, fresh dishes that have not been sold or cooked in surplus. Moreover, food waste is recognized as one of the most dangerous sources of pollution on the planet.

The Eatme service shares information about new establishments and promotions. In the application, you can receive convenient push notifications, create a list of your favorite places and select establishments on the map. Using the iOS app, you need to find nearby the best deals from partners (restaurants, cafes, bakeries), place an order, pay for it online and pick it up on the spot. Now the service is available to residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Shopping List No Waste

The application will help you keep track of the expiration date of products. For those who do not have time to regularly check the contents of the refrigerator, it is enough to install No Waste. The service will help you manage your shopping list, control your eating habits, as well as monitor the expiration date of products and not buy more than you need. It also tracks food waste by removing food eaten or expired from the list, and tracks monthly spending.

When you buy products, you need to add them to the app, and every time they expire, you will receive a notification on your phone.

According to the developers, the iOS app will help you avoid unnecessary purchases and reduce food waste. Plus, save on grocery shopping every month and spend less time shopping.

Oskelly Wardrobe Management Service

An application for those who are planning to get rid of unnecessary clothes and shoes. Platform users resell branded clothing. The free Oskelly service is available on GooglePlay and AppStore and is intended to sell new and used designer items. The app is similar to a social network where users like and comment on products, and negotiate a price. All orders are paid through a secure transaction: the amount is frozen on the buyer's card, and the transaction goes through when he receives the goods. The service guarantees protection against counterfeiting and the authenticity of each item thanks to a two-step verification of goods.

โ€œThe textile industry causes enormous damage to the environment: 1.2 billion tons of greenhouse gases are emitted into the atmosphere annually during the production of clothing. It is important for us to support the growing trend towards conscious consumption. We strive to make reusing things easy and profitable,โ€the developers say.

EcoLabel Guide

The Ecopolka app will help you find proven eco-friendly products in stores near you. The application was created primarily for those who adhere to the principles of a healthy lifestyle and are puzzled by the search for eco-products. Ecopolka helps to find them by special markings; only goods with special environmental certificates are placed in the application catalog. They are all sorted into categories: household chemicals, baby products, cosmetics, food, building materials, electronics. The free app is available on Google Play or App Store. By downloading it, you can save time and money sourcing and shipping the green products you need, and reduce your carbon footprint.

Dropcountr Smart Water Meter


Many of us often do not turn off the water tap when brushing our teeth, and do not think about the amount of water consumed, washing dishes or taking a bath. If you want to change your habits and reduce the amount of water you use, try installing Dropcountr. The application is available for iOS and Android and is easy to use on any device or computer.

Dropcountr will help you keep track of how much water is consumed in an apartment or house per month, set the level of water consumption and adhere to it, as well as access various discounts and helpful tips.

As the developer notes, users' monthly water consumption is reduced by an average of 9%. Thus, Dropcountr helps to save water, time, money, and natural resources.

Ecosia search ecosystem

Ecosia is a search engine that uses the bulk of its profits to fund greening programs around the world. Thus, you can "plant a tree" while searching for information on the Internet.

The app uses Ecosia Search as its search engine by default. The global Ecosia community is 8 million people who are actively involved in reforestation of the planet and fighting climate change. The community's goal is to plant 1 billion trees by 2020 and end global deforestation. In addition, Ecosia uses solar energy to provide 100% renewable energy to users. Available for iOS and Android, the app enables users to take part in greening the planet without wasting time, money, and carbon footprint.

Eco map Ecomap

The application helps to find collection points for recyclable materials in Moscow and the Moscow region. Ecomap covers 3 thousand points of collection of PCO (separately collected waste), and also provides information about the points where things are accepted for charity. The points of acceptance of plastic, waste paper, glass, tetrapak, metal, batteries, lamps and accumulators, tires, thermometers and "good covers" are marked on the map. A variety of filters allows you to recycle waste in an environmentally friendly way or give a second life to things and household items. Ecomap has a detailed description of how to properly hand over waste.

Personal statistics help you calculate your contribution to the preservation of the environment, maintain convenient collection points, and also share your contribution to the ecology of the city. In addition, Ecomap helps to significantly reduce (or even eliminate) costs for ecotaxis or transporting recyclable materials and things to charity to the collection point. You can download the free app on Google Play and the App Store.>

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