How And With Whom Do The Stars Do Yoga: Sobchak, Vysotskaya, Casanova And Others

How And With Whom Do The Stars Do Yoga: Sobchak, Vysotskaya, Casanova And Others
How And With Whom Do The Stars Do Yoga: Sobchak, Vysotskaya, Casanova And Others

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Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova

Singer Glucose has been practicing yoga for more than five years with her personal trainer Alexei Ermolaev. Classes are held not in the studio, but in the country house of the Chistyakov-Ionovs. Natalia's husband, Alexander, shares a passion for yoga. The couple often uploads photos from joint activities. “For me, doing yoga is, first of all, internal development, the acquisition of harmony within oneself, from which then a good mood, self-confidence and, finally, a feeling of victory over oneself grows,” says Glucose. - Yoga, besides the victory over the body, is my philosophy, which simply saves me from any stress and misunderstanding with the world. This is my inner dialogue."

Ksenia Sobchak

Yoga became a part of Ksenia Sobchak's lifestyle more than 10 years ago. She tried different types - hatha, ashtanga, practiced Iyengar yoga for about five years. Now for the sixth year, Ksenia Sobchak has been practicing jivamukti yoga together with Anna Lunegova, the master and founder of the Material yoga studio, where Olga Karput and Paulina Andreeva also go. The passion for practice is so serious for Sobchak that in 2017 she became the heroine of the cover of the Russian magazine Yoga Journal, which usually only includes photos of certified teachers. Ksenia Sobchak has repeatedly shared with subscribers and told in an interview that during the practice she also meditates and does breathing exercises, which helps her to build a balance of internal energy.

Irena Ponaroshku

The TV presenter and instagram blogger has been practicing yoga for several years. Having met the teacher Nastya Naumova, an adherent of a healthy lifestyle, she plunged into the practice and philosophy of Kundalini Yoga. In one of her interviews, Irena Ponaroshku said that, despite the fact that this type of yoga does not involve high physical activity, which leads to weight loss, after each practice she feels a surge of strength and calms her mind. By the way, at some point, practice for Irena Ponaroshku ceased to be just a hobby. Now the TV presenter gives master classes and takes part as a teacher in yoga tours in Thailand and Bali together with professional teachers Sergei Zubkov and Violetta Kulishova.

Sati Casanova

Sati Casanova did not come to yoga right away. Suffering from insomnia and panic attacks, she first became interested in meditation. They led her to atma-kriya yoga, which she has been doing in recent years. If at first the singer knew only the capabilities of her body, then she soon plunged into Eastern philosophy. Over the years of practice, Sati Casanova has changed several techers. And now she teaches herself, announcing her master classes on her Instagram page.

Julia Vysotskaya

The TV presenter has been practicing bikram yoga (or "hot" yoga) for several years already - classes are held in a well-heated and humid room, which helps to achieve tropical conditions that have a beneficial effect on stretching and joint work. Julia Vysotskaya's acquaintance with this type of yoga happened several years ago in New York. The actress then fell in love with Bikram yoga so much that she did it every day for two months. Julia Vysotskaya said that at first the classes were given to her with difficulty and were exhausting. Of course, such a state of health is dangerous - you need to monitor your feelings during practice. However, then, according to her, the pleasure of overcoming oneself and one's capabilities was replaced by pleasant sensations from the process itself.>

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