Vladimir Mukhin, Tina Kandelaki And Others: Playlists Of RBC Style Heroes

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Vladimir Mukhin, Tina Kandelaki And Others: Playlists Of RBC Style Heroes
Vladimir Mukhin, Tina Kandelaki And Others: Playlists Of RBC Style Heroes

Video: Vladimir Mukhin, Tina Kandelaki And Others: Playlists Of RBC Style Heroes

Video: Vladimir Mukhin, Tina Kandelaki And Others: Playlists Of RBC Style Heroes
Video: Секреты красоты: Тина Канделаки о своих правилах ухода за кожей лица и макияжа 2023, March

Igor Rybakov

co-founder of Technonikol corporation

Max Korzh is an extremely motivating performer; his songs always have both meanings and rhythms.

I love this track 5'nizza. I listen to it when I'm in a good mood. And when it’s not very good, I also listen: she gives me a huge amount of energy.

The song "Father" from my album "Summer was leaving". Why father? Because the father is a man, the father is the mentor, the father is the coach, the father is the educator. There is a father in my life and in the life of every person. This song is dedicated to him, the teacher of champions.

I like to play a song from "The Bremen Town Musicians" on guitar or hum to keep a good mood throughout the day.

It seems that Basta's "Samsara" is woven from all the strings of the Universe at once. So powerful, so strong!


Tina Kandelaki

General Producer of Match TV

My close acquaintance with music began when, in 1995, I came to work for Radio 105 in Georgia. It was at this moment that I immersed myself in rock music and fell in love with the hits of Nirvana, Guns N 'Roses and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

When I moved to Moscow and got a job at M-Radio, and then at the Russian Far East and Silver Rain, Zemfira was gaining her space popularity and Depeche Mode was gaining a second youth - I constantly put them on rotation.

The whole country was rediscovering rock music, and my playlist perfectly captures the spirit of that time.


Ilya Tyutenkov


The first thing that catches me when entering a restaurant is music: it affects consciousness and perception of the environment instantly, even before other senses turn on. Ears are a mechanism for delivering information to the central nervous system, the sound works instantly, creating a mood. Plus, you immediately understand whether you want to linger in a restaurant, or leave without looking at the menu.

I like to share with guests non-pop, interesting and little-known, but definitely worthy of attention. The playlists contain a lot of junk from the 60s and 80s - colossal electric wealth is buried there. And given the cyclical nature of production, many things sound appropriate today. In "Gorynych" and "Northerners" sometimes plays baroque, the drama of the sound of which touches me to the depths of my soul. From the topical I wildly appreciate everything that the residents of our Leveldva Music Laboratory do: Geju, Betelgeize. This is a very niche music, which, in my opinion, perfectly complements the atmosphere of our projects. Music is an emotional product that is difficult to describe without a competent critic. Everything is simple for me: "like" or "dont like".


Ivan Chuikov

TV presenter

A Red Hot Chili Peppers song for all occasions and times! You are sad - she will cheer you up, cheerfully - she will support you, the girl has left - perform this song in karaoke, and you will immediately have fans.

Everyone, probably, has a melody, having heard which he is transferred to school years. At any disco, at social events, I was accompanied by the most wonderful song "Melom" by the "Propaganda" collective. And now, every time I hear the first notes, I automatically become 15 years younger.

Since I fly quite a lot, I need the perfect "airplane" soundtrack. Benjamin Clementine's At Least For Now brings some interesting thoughts. And the music is just very beautiful

Every song is a masterpiece of the legendary Queen band, and with the help of the piece “I Want It All” I motivate myself every morning for small victories that help to achieve global goals.

Lev Barashkov is probably not familiar to anyone from the younger generation. But he proved that you can sing about anything, even a mustache, and not necessarily exclusively in a humorous way. Creativity has no boundaries and this is amazing.

"Vanya" by Tina Kuznetsova is the anthem of all Ivanov. Every time I introduce myself, this particular song appears in my head.


Vladimir Mukhin

chef, co-founder of White Rabbit Family

Kirill Richter is our brilliant contemporary, and "Chronos" is his most famous composition about time. Listen, in the middle there is a moment where Kirill conveyed the sound of a shaking hand of a Chinese clock from his childhood.

I repeated Agatha Christie's "Two Ships" when I was learning to play the guitar.

We always sing the song "Zurbagan" with my daughter Yasya.

I know Tosya Chaikina personally, a very talented girl.

The song "You were late" was later re-chanted by many, but no one sang better than Talkov.

With "Especially for You" by Kylie Minogue, I first asked a girl to dance.

Actually, "I stubbornly strive to the bottom" - these are poems, I read them before before the start of my gastronomic set "Contrast". My father always listened to Vysotsky and conveyed love to him to me.

My son Vick's favorite song is "Lada Sedan". Please note: this track was not originally performed by Timati.

AC / DC. Eternal. The best.

"Fly Me to the Moon" by Dina Washington and early Sade are all related to my wife Sophia.

Well, Emmanuelle, so that it is clear that I also listen to modern music.


Ilya Sachkov

founder of Group-IB

I first heard the track "Sparring Partner" in the early 2000s in the film "5 × 2" by François Ozon, where a married couple invites gay friends and dances with them to this song. The track amazes with musical transitions. In those years, Shazam did not exist, and for many months I tried to understand who was performing it: it was firmly stuck in my head. Now this is the classic soundtrack of my life. Perhaps I would have listened to him before I died to remember good stories.

I met the song "Nantes" in Paris under very personal circumstances. She became the soundtrack of a certain part of 2013 and has not bothered to this day.

I heard "La Mer" in the movie "Spy, Get Out!" At the end of the song, the main character, played by Gary Oldman, sits down at the table, begins a meeting. For me, this track symbolizes the end of a successful investigation, a special operation, which very often happens in our work.

"Day One" is the soundtrack to Interstellar. I like to think about the stars, about the universe. As my friend Dmitry Marinichev (General Director and President of Radius Group LLC, representative of the Presidential Commissioner for the Protection of the Rights of Entrepreneurs in the Internet Sphere - RBC Style) says, time does not exist, because if the mass is infinite in the Universe, you can suggest that there is an infinity of our copies in the future and the past. Hans Zimmer's music is great for breaking your head on this subject.

I really love neoclassicism, I started studying it with Ludovico Einaudi. The long, 11-minute composition "Oltremare" helps to focus, poetically relate to what is happening around. Usually a golden autumn is imagined, a house by the lake - absolute tranquility.

Hawaii Five-O, the soundtrack to Hawaii Police, is the anthem for Group-IB's complex investigations and amazingly talented engineers who fight cyber crime around the world.>

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