"Stop Lying!" BadComedian - About Money, Lies In Films And Voluntary Self-isolation

"Stop Lying!" BadComedian - About Money, Lies In Films And Voluntary Self-isolation
"Stop Lying!" BadComedian - About Money, Lies In Films And Voluntary Self-isolation

Video: "Stop Lying!" BadComedian - About Money, Lies In Films And Voluntary Self-isolation

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Video: Here Comes The Money (BadComedian) 2023, January

In 2019, a claim for 1 million rubles "collapsed" against Evgeny Bazhenov. from the film company Kinodanz for the review of Beyond Reality. Kinodanz reported copyright infringement: they say, the blogger exceeded the permissible limit for citing video material. The public was roused - they are trying to silence Bazhenov. People with great media weight stood up for BadComedian: from Sergei Minaev and Ksenia Sobchak to Alexander Rodnyansky and Fyodor Bondarchuk, whose "Attraction" Bazhenov did not exactly praise. The claim was withdrawn.

In October 2019 - the second blow: BadComedian canceled the Michaloscar award - a comic "anti-Oscar" for the most dubious achievements of the domestic film industry, which was supposed to take place last February. Bazhenov has financial claims against the organizers, OutCon.

The editor-in-chief of RBC Style, Evgeny Tikhonovich, met with Evgeny Bazhenov, who usually shuns the attention of the press, when the scandals were already over, and his channel released the first review this year - on Terminator: Dark Fate, which was not understood by some fans due to far-fetched, in their opinion, claims.

- I was rather surprised to find out that your channel is already nine years old, in 2011 you launched it. Not tired?

- No, because the material is changing all the time, the cinema is changing, we are changing - so it doesn't get boring at all. On the contrary, I approach all this with even greater zeal and anger.

- While many of the old wave YouTubers have gone into circulation and new ones have appeared, you are still a very popular character. Probably one of two or three key characters of today's YouTube. I want to talk a little about your popularity, about your attitude towards it. How do you feel about it?

- Well, I felt it when I went on stand-up tours. I saw people and understood that this was a huge audience. Not numbers on YouTube, but real people, a huge crowd that knows you and came to see only you. In general, I probably don't come across [popularity] anymore, because I don't go outside either. And if I go out, then yes, there are some difficulties: go to the movies, do something else. People will really find out. But otherwise, I don't have to deal with it anymore.

- So you really don't go out on the street?

- No, I go out, of course, go out, usually somewhere in the morning, but by and large, yes, I don't have some kind of social life, let's say.

- Is it because you are an introvert, or just such terms of the deal with the devil?

- No, I just sit, work. But to premieres or somewhere else to take a walk is …

- … not interested?

- It's hard, and in general I can work, read. Why walk? That is, if you want to unwind, I will go to the forest and take a walk with the dog.

- You are a marketer by education, as far as I know?

- Yes.

- Then now there will be a question for the marketer. It is very fashionable today to talk about the idea of ​​a personal brand. There are people-brands who have created themselves: they are their own company. Do you feel like such a brand?

- I don't feel like a brand, but in fact I am. Because after all, a logo, a name, something else - all this is reflected in the news feeds, it is reflected everywhere, whether you like it or not. Therefore, yes, apparently, it (name. - "RBC Style") is a brand.

- You are a very influential person. Whatever one may say, you influence both the film industry and your audience. It's hard to argue with that …

- Well, I do reviews after the premieres …

Photo: Olga Tuponogova-Volkova
Photo: Olga Tuponogova-Volkova

© Olga Tuponogova-Volkova

- Nevertheless, we know examples of how the industry and viewers react to your video. My question is this: do you generally like to influence people, to feel a kind of power?

- Naturally, I try to direct the audience, or rather, not even direct, but to show situations when something out of the ordinary is happening: look, these people are such bastards. As for the rest, in the cinema sphere, you probably want to influence when there is some kind of injustice, as was the case with "Moving Up". When the son of Kondrashin (the Soviet basketball coach Vladimir Kondrashin, who became the prototype of the image of Vladimir Garanzhin in the film - "RBC Style") and the wives of some basketball players were not given the floor, they did not give a damn. Here, of course, I would like to draw the attention of the audience. But do not say: "Let's poison everything!" No, I would like to say: "Guys, look, this is such an injustice, you need to pay attention to this, because it is insulting for what is happening." And in general, to use power - to persecute or something else - God forbid. And I would not liketo make it work. Of course, there is a part of the audience that, perhaps, is on fire from some events - they go to seek justice, to beat someone. I hope this will not happen. As for the rest, it is, of course, necessary to pay attention to situations and problems.

- More about the audience. She is incredibly devoted to you. And it seems that the secret of her loyalty is that you are absolutely unmercenary and do not sell ads on your channel …

- Well, technically I have Sony references in my links because they give me a camera. Although I have not even shown their camera in the review, I shoot everything with it. But he mentioned, advertised. So there is technically advertising. I never said that I am against all [advertising] … I am against bad advertising.

- That is: a) you are not for the loot and b) are you a little bit Navalny from cinema, a militant fighter against injustice?

- I would not say that such a struggle leads to something, and therefore it cannot be called a struggle. There is no goal to win here - you cannot win here. I would like to believe that the struggle leads to something, but it will not lead to me, because the guys have a business, they earn money. Let's just point a finger at them and say, this is how they do. Only.

- About money. Still don't want to make money? Could be a ruble millionaire at least.

- I have donations, and people donate very well. I also have monetization on the channel. Therefore, everything is fine. And get impudent - insert more ads? Well, what am I going to do with this money?

- But you earn absolutely not the same money as your colleagues at the level of, say, Yuri Dudya …

- Yes, but again I don't understand … Well, there is so much money … I don't know if Dudya will be donated …

- Well, we all understand how bloggers like Dud make money.

- [If you do] hour videos - there will be great monetization. But again, I don't really understand … If I want, I really want enough money, I will go on tour.

- The stand-up tour, you mean?

- Yes. I’ll write a program, go on tour and make money. But I don't have a performance schedule, I don't know when I will perform. This is how I sincerely want to go and earn money.

- That is, you do not have an agent or manager who organizes all this?

- Yes, I'm in a solo voyage, let's say.

- And there were attempts to hire someone - a person who will steer everything?

- Yes. There were several people - the experiment was declared unsuccessful. Therefore, there are no managers yet, and I think it’s not worth it.

- Did not get along?

- Well, there are a lot of stories, including "Michaloscar", just a million times have already said about it …

- Since you mentioned the Michaloscar. It was supposed to happen in February this year …

- Has already happened! Not! No, I'm kidding, it didn't happen - that's why it didn't happen (due to financial disagreements with the contractor - RBC Style).

- And what about the prize? Have you buried the idea?

- Well, again - as soon as it lights up, I have a desire, I can do it. Now, due to the fact that these events have taken place, not very pleasant ones, there is no desire to do it yet.

- I want to go back a little - to the conversation that you sit at home and do not go anywhere.

- Yes.

- Tell us how you live in general? What are you interesting in? What, after all, do you drive (when you drive)? How are you in life?

- I wake up, eat, watch something on YouTube. I sit down to work. I interrupt periodically. The scheme is as follows: you have to work for an hour, rest for 15 minutes. It is clear, before the very harsh work begins - before shooting reviews - everything is a little lax, and then according to this schedule. In the evening the reward for everything is watching a movie.

- Do you watch movies every day?

- Yes. I love movies and still enjoy watching it. However, for the most part these are thrillers and horror films.

- That is, really every day ?!

- I try. But when the shooting of the review is approaching, there is already no cinema, nothing at all - only to do, do, do, until I post [video].

- Do you drive a car?

- Yes.

- What do you drive?

- In a Volkswagen.

- It's democratic.

- On the old, 2013, so everything is fine. (Laughs.)

- How many people do you have in your team now?

- Yes, when it’s like, but the backbone is me, the person who makes the effects, there is always the person who makes a preview of the video. I have two permanent operators, I can call one, I can call two.

- How much is your video currently worth on average, in 2020?

- For example, the review of "Terminator" - for four of us tickets to Rostov-on-Don and back, food, effects, previews, something else - cost a little more than 100 thousand rubles.

Review of "Terminator" - for four of us tickets to Rostov-on-Don and back, food, effects, previews, something else - cost a little more than 100 thousand rubles.

- By the way, about the Terminator, since you mentioned it. My cinephile friends are just sneezing you for this review. They think the movie is great. Why didn't you like it so much?

- I, in general, spent an hour trying to explain why …

- Yes, yes, but what if we get it right now?

- In general, they killed the idea of ​​the previous film, they erased everything that was before that, which was important. They said: no, you looked at all this in vain, all this can and should be crossed out, now everything is different with us. This is an ordinary Hollywood reboot: they take your favorite movie as a basis and pull the new skin over it, at the same time cutting off something unnecessary and adding, for example, the theme of feminism. But here it was added so that the director pissed off … How could "Terminator 2" before! Just kidding, of course: Terminator 2 revealed to the world one of the best and most powerful female characters. And talking about feminism in the context of a new film is just a ride on a HYIP train, actually. What the director did, he tried to do, saying all the time: "We are about women." But in fact - "We are about grandmother."

- The main reproach that is addressed to you, as a rule, is excessive subjectivity. That there is a BadComedian universe …

- Hello 2020!

-… that there is Bad's universe, and Evgeny Bazhenov is not ready to go beyond this universe. Like, everything comes down to you that we were robbed again, we were again robbed by the Ministry of Culture.

- Well, now it was not the Ministry of Culture that was robbed, but the State Department.

- Yes, now the State Department, okay. Some kind of state structure, let's say. How do you like this reputation? How do you react to it?

- In fact, it is. That is, even now I will not distinguish between domestic and Western cinema. The backbone of the review - the producers want to cash in on stupidly. There are rare examples when wonderful producers and directors converge, and they act for the benefit of, let's say, both cinema and attendants. There are such symbiosis. But I take films for analysis, which are most often for the sake of money. Or a movie, when the director is on fire, but burns with a very strange vision. Okay, you didn't want to cut money, but the producers wanted to make money anyway. The director wanted to show such a picture of the world and prove to everyone that this is true. That, for example, "Moving Up" is a film adaptation, just documentary footage that has been dragged onto the movie screen.

- Yes, it is known that there was a problem with the facts.

- That is, I just don't like it for this, that's why I pay so much attention to promo.

- Facts?

- Not only. I mean the promo [of the film] as claimed. How much can you lie? What for? Moreover, our domestic filmmakers are no different from Western ones. Ours lie on the promo, and even in the film itself. There is also false marketing in the West: Cameron says that "we have now brought Furlong back to the role of John Connor," - returned it by three seconds, remarkably simple. And I believe that both our cinema and Western cinema have the same goals.

Moreover, our domestic filmmakers are no different from Western ones. Ours lie on the promo, and even in the film itself. There is also false marketing in the West.

- Imagine a situation that you gave up on your seclusion and became, for example, an alternative to Anton Dolin. Come to Urgant, lead a film heading and, in general, become such a slightly different format, God forgive me, an influencer. How do you like this situation? Drawn in your head?

- I'm not very interested. That is, I create something there in my cave, then I show it, leaving it, and then I come back. I am more interested in my swamp, in which I dig, than in the garden, in which, for example, Dolin digs. He has his own interests in cinema, he is a critic, professionally trained. I am a person who watches a movie, I believe that this or that is not so, wrong, there must be logic.

- About film critics another question, about colleagues. Do you communicate with someone, are you dating?

- In general, no. I communicate with friends, someone writes certain reviews, I discuss movies, but it's not up to par … What is a film critic for me? This is when you are sitting with a glass, you are a person with education, a person wraps a ton of words in such a wrapper - just shine! But I usually communicate with people of a different kind (laughs), who say: "Movie norm?" - "Yes, OK". Well, we are discussing some things. Nevertheless, this is not such a lofty film criticism, which, as I understand it, you are citing as an example.

- I want to talk about your cooperation with ivi.ru. You really take everything there yourself, is it really a personal choice?

- Yes Yes. They just wrote to me that they added [to the film library] "Mirror for a hero." Finally! I really like this film, and now it will appear on my list.

- Why is the movie “What Men Talk About” better than “Bitter!”? Now, if you go through your list.

- The humor in What Men Talk About, the situations and sketches presented in this film are much closer to me than in Bitter! About "Bitter!" - I slowed down my knights a little after the “Bitter! 2 ". I still have the main complaint about the “Bitter!” Ending. If they changed this ending, I would … Yes, I don't like everything, but nevertheless I can understand the structure of the film, why it works. But here I refuse to understand, I don't like it. And when the second film came out, I started to "Bitter!" be more relaxed.

- Did your attitude to Zhora Kryzhovnikov evolve somehow in time?

- I do not have any fierce hatred for Zhora Kryzhovnikov. He directed Gorko !, one of the most successful Russian films, and it really was a revelation. The approach and presentation for Russian cinema turned out to be unique at that time. I don't like the ending, and I can't do anything about it. But I don't have any kind of hellish hatred. Well vodka and vodka - okay, show. However, it seems to me that you cannot build humor on the fact that I just drank. This must lead to some situations … I just got drunk and vomited? Yes, this is life, but I can look at it in life.

- You have already broadcast this idea one way or another.

- Yes, this is an old review, but, in general, this thought remained with me.

- About ivi.ru another question. Are you going to renew your contract with them?

- It depends on ivi.ru, but in general …

-… are you ready, if what?

- With pleasure. Right now, the top films about robots will be posted on ivi.ru, since I released [a review on] The Terminator. And perhaps the next review will also be about robots. Maybe.

Photo: Olga Tuponogova-Volkova
Photo: Olga Tuponogova-Volkova

© Olga Tuponogova-Volkova

- Let's rewind back a little. You have experience in film scoring. In 2016, in my opinion, it happened for the last time.

- Yes, I think so.

- Are you going to renew?

- That's a question. The last time it was such a playful role, no seriousness. That is, I understand that there is no need to take serious roles, but some fooling around - it may well be. I am in favor of fooling around so that the viewer perceives it adequately and to the point.

- More about the past. A little about the scandals that accompany you in one way or another. Did you somehow reflect on the case with Kinodanz for yourself? Did you understand something for yourself after that?

- Lawyers are very expensive! This is what I understood.

- Can you disclose the details of the settlement agreement or not? What did you agree on in the end?

- It is still being signed - and [further] everything, period, such a cross is put. So no. But I didn't review the last Kinodanz movie [production] - Abigail - for the reason that I did the poll and people didn't vote for it. I really wanted them not to choose it, because this is the very example of a terrible movie that does not evoke any emotions at all: a muddy, no film. It's good that we didn't choose. I am thankful.

- Last year, many people supported you in the situation with the claim from Kinodanz. How important and necessary was this support to you?

- It is important and necessary, but it was also a little timid when the directors supported me. Guys, I'm grateful …

- Ksenia Sobchak also supported.

- What a conflict without Ksenia … And the directors - I felt a little timid and embarrassed, because we seemed to be with them on opposite sides of the barricades, but again we supported, many thanks to everyone. I'm incredibly grateful. Although the feeling of awkwardness is present. I'm just on YouTube. Guys, what are you doing? (Laughs) But, of course, without this support, without all the hype, it would not have been possible to end the way we did. I don’t know why they (Kinodanz. - “RBC Style”) were so stubborn, moreover, at the very beginning of the conflict I said: let's somehow solve it without all this. But they set conditions that could not be accepted.

- Are you stress-resistant at such moments? Don't you have this "Damn, I'm a youtube guy, that's all"?

- No, on the contrary, I need to get into such situations - sometimes you get tired without them. That is why I constantly get involved in such things when someone is unfairly hooked and I want to say: "How long?" I'm not only ready for such situations, I'm right here … Well, let's go!

- Was it the same with Basta? (BadComedian criticized Basta for justifying the pension reform, after which he apologized. - RBC Style)

- There was no conflict with Basta, in general. Well, that is, he called me after that, and they also sent me a video where he said that before posting a review, it was necessary to call, ask, clarify. Which I don't really understand.

- Yes, I did an interview with him, and he just talked about it - that he was expecting a call from you.

- Yes, I don't understand that. To begin with, I don't have his phone. I don't really call anyone, I don't have numbers. Apparently, people have known my number for a long time. But I don't answer anyone at all. And I don't understand why I need to call someone to share my opinion, as Basta again shared his opinion on the pension reform, but, for example, did not call me. That is, I do not consider it necessary to ask someone [permission] if I am sharing my opinion.

- There are a few more questions about Russian cinema. Who is the hope of Russian cinema today? Kantemir Balagov?

- This is still beyond my little mind.

- Well, who will save Russian cinema?

- And there will be no salvation for Russian cinema, just as no one will save Western cinema. There will be just good pictures from time to time, in the West there are more, in our country there are fewer. In general, the directors will shoot successfully, sometimes unsuccessfully, sometimes there will be something wrong. Nevertheless, there will be no salvation [there will be]. There will be only masterpieces, average cinema …

Photo: Olga Tuponogova-Volkova
Photo: Olga Tuponogova-Volkova

© Olga Tuponogova-Volkova

- You once had an interesting case with Alexander Molochnikov and his "Myths", when, as far as I remember, you filmed a review of the picture, you did not like it and you didn’t post it. How awful does a movie have to be to get a terrible review?

- It's just that "Myths" is such a dead, stoned, dead movie that I could not do anything, and the review, shot, edited by half, lies on the hard.

- How much does the director's figure influence your perception of the film?

- Of course, any director has a background and I expect to see something when I sit down to watch [his film]. Well, that is, here is Zhora Kryzhovnikov - it will definitely be some kind of drinking … It will not necessarily be bad, but most likely it will. And shooting from the camera in the first person.

- About plans a little. Do you have interest in other platforms besides YouTube today? Everyone's thrown into TikTok now.

- I had an idea with TikTok. I just have a feeling for most of the content …

- You get stuck sometimes.

- I'm afraid of this. I don’t mean that all this is terrible, that children … And that it’s dangerous, too sticky things. Sometimes I noticed that [I was watching] these memes and suddenly I was like: "What am I doing?" This is a dangerous thing, so I try to stay away from it. A lot of specific, interesting and strange content, there are cats …

- Yes, of course, cats.

- And you can look at them endlessly. Therefore, it is dangerous, dangerous. Cats are dangerous - like content. I have a cat, and this is very dangerous crap. It comes up, falls apart, falls, and you are so …

- And, by the way, has she ever appeared in your reviews?

- Yes. She was the cat of the head of the Film Foundation in the story. There, the idea was that they were shoving their own people, and then I shoved the cat.

- Last question. What's next in your life planned? Have a strategy?

- I am stunned by what is happening in the cinema, and in general in life, and, in general, I share this with people, and for some reason people are interested in listening, and thank God. The goals as such - that I will become the head of the Cinema Foundation - no. There are not enough hands, there are so many films coming out now - for example, the second "Attraction" was released, "(NOT) an ideal man", a film about the Decembrists. I don’t know how to do it all.>

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