How Much Sobchak, Gagarina And Galich Earned On Instagram

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How Much Sobchak, Gagarina And Galich Earned On Instagram
How Much Sobchak, Gagarina And Galich Earned On Instagram

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TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak tops the Forbes rating for the second year in a row. During the reporting period, she earned $ 1.48 million. The scandal with Audi after the publication of jokes about African American unrest in the United States did not affect Sobchak's earnings - on the contrary, she received an offer on advertising contracts from two more brands.

On the second line is the singer Polina Gagarina, whose income the magazine estimated at $ 0.89 million. The artist shares the details of her life with subscribers, publishes photos in her account and places ads.

The third place was taken by blogger Ida Galich with an income of $ 0.85 million - she replaced Olga Buzova. Forbes clarifies that Galich launched a show for schoolchildren in 2019, became a mother and host of the show "Such Parents" on the Friday! TV channel. Lev Grunin, an expert and founder of the WhoIsBlogger service, believes that the birth of a child contributed to Galich's income: “Instamams were originally the driving force behind Instagram. They gain the largest audience in the first years of the birth of a child, at the same time advertisers are most actively placing ads with them.

The analysis of bloggers' income was carried out by the magazine with the assistance of the research company WhoIsBlogger. Experts studied the accounts of Russian influencers with more than 2 million subscribers, among whom they chose 33 bloggers with the largest number of advertising posts per year. Considering the cost of posting various publications (data provided by experts, agencies, and influencers themselves), the Forbes team singled out the 15 highest paid account holders.

15 bloggers who earn the most on Instagram:

  1. Ksenia Sobchak ($ ​​1.48 million, 7.7 million subscribers)
  2. Polina Gagarina ($ 0.89 million, 8.4 million subscribers)
  3. Ida Galich ($ 0.85 million, 7.1 million subscribers)
  4. Ksenia Borodina ($ 0.77 million, 15.4 million subscribers)
  5. Alina Levda ($ 0.76 million, 5.3 million subscribers)
  6. Nastya Ivleeva ($ 0.61 million, 17.7 million subscribers)
  7. Valeria Chekalina ($ 0.61 million, 6.5 million subscribers)
  8. Regina Todorenko ($ 0.6 million, 8.6 million subscribers)
  9. Elena Temnikova ($ 0.6 million, 5.2 million subscribers)
  10. Khabib Nurmagomedov ($ 0.6 million, 21.2 million subscribers)
  11. Olga Buzova ($ 0.6 million, 21.7 million subscribers)
  12. Egor Creed ($ 0.57 million, 13.1 million subscribers)
  13. Victoria Bonya ($ 0.54 million, 7.4 million subscribers)
  14. Alan Enileev ($ 0.51 million, 2.1 million subscribers)
  15. Rita Dakota ($ 0.48 million, 2.5 million subscribers)

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