What Women Are Talking About: Groups In Social Networks

What Women Are Talking About: Groups In Social Networks
What Women Are Talking About: Groups In Social Networks

Video: What Women Are Talking About: Groups In Social Networks

Video: What Women Are Talking About: Groups In Social Networks
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What is being discussed in women's groups

There can be any reason to unite according to the principle “there are only girls in the group”. Here are just some of the girl group topics. Most of them are closed.

Professional. Selling a business, finding an assistant, asking for a part-time job in a difficult situation - all this happens here.

Examples on Facebook:

  • Startup women club
  • The first female business incubator | BUSINESS MODEL
  • Business MOMMYS

Selling things. New, worn, vintage, original luxury, fakes and much more.

Examples on Facebook:

  • Undress
  • Women's flea market

Motherhood. Yes, yes, those same groups where nannies are discussed, the possibilities of realization in a new status and breastfeeding. Some issues are so sensitive (for example, vaccinations) that raising them is prohibited in the group rules.

Examples on Facebook:

  • About moms
  • Super Duper Mega Mother

Beauty and health. Here you can find the coolest masseuse, download the training program, find out where to order Japanese crepe without extra charge and how to drink spirulina.

Examples on Facebook:

  • Green goddesses
  • Beauty SHOPOLIKI!
  • Pro molodost
  • Ponimaem. Women's magazine

Hobbies. Surfing, cooking, reading, traveling, sex toys - anything that women would like to discuss in their circle.

Examples on Facebook:

  • Late Night Pizza
  • ProSex

Girls can also unite without a specific goal, according to the principle of personal acquaintance, in order to end up sharing useful and interesting things, or just discussing something funny or important with each other.

Why such groups are needed at all

The widespread popularity of women's groups not least explains the taboo of many "women's" topics. In our culture, an attractive woman must be wrapped in an aura of mystery, she is not allowed to have health problems (especially with women), she must carefully guard the so-called "beauty secrets."

Despite advertisements for hygiene products and medical products on TV, all topics of physiology and personal care are still considered indecent for discussion in a wide range, including social networks. To discuss all these issues, women have to retire.


Why do women retire to discuss home and children

Women are not particularly favored in the status of "mothers" or housewives. You can be a "keeper of the hearth", but somehow neatly, fluttering and singing melodious songs. This image does not involve asking questions about how to get the cat urine off the carpet or relieve your child's nausea.

Why business issues are discussed closed

In Russia, there are indeed many women leaders, business owners, individual entrepreneurs and just women freelancers who work on an equal basis with men. At the same time, some of them are more comfortable discussing professional issues with other women. The reason for this may be a phenomenon called "mensplacing" - situations in which a man explains something to a woman, demonstrating his condescending attitude. It is also usually easier for women to understand the peculiarities of professional development in the status of a mother and the related difficulties.

Why so-called "srachi" often happen in women's groups

Because this is the internet. Conflicts happen everywhere here. To be convinced of this, it is enough to read a thread in which men prove the authenticity of their recipe for "real borscht" (of course, there is only one!), Or another, in which representatives of different sexes, races and religions discuss the need to castrate cats.


Why these fights occur

Depends on the topic and the participants. Someone is just having fun and trolls, the second is touched for the sick, someone is fighting to the death, defending their point of view, the other is just in a bad mood and you need to let off steam.

The risk of closed groups is that they create a sense of a closed and safe space in which to talk about important and painful experiences. In this case, any careless comment - even if it is written with the best intentions, but rude - can seriously hurt.

The best thing about women's groups

In addition to the practical component, there is also an important emotional moment. In the absence of the widespread practice of groups of therapy and support, groups on social networks take over their functions. Mothers of children with special needs, people with acute psychological problems, women who have experienced violence, single people can finally tell about their feelings in a calm atmosphere of full understanding and unconditional support. In order for the conditions for confidential communication to be observed, the closure of the group status, strictly prescribed rules and the participation of moderators are needed, reminding that this is all for the sake of help and support.>

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