4 Options For Healthy Warm Breakfasts For Winter

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4 Options For Healthy Warm Breakfasts For Winter
4 Options For Healthy Warm Breakfasts For Winter

Video: 4 Options For Healthy Warm Breakfasts For Winter

Video: 4 Options For Healthy Warm Breakfasts For Winter
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Breakfast is an important foundation for an energetic day and for your long-term health. Having the right set of carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins in the morning helps you to act effectively and resist stress.


It seems, well, much more obvious, we all know about unsweetened oatmeal in the water, leave us alone and give us something tasty to eat. Still, it is important to remember that porridge is one of the best breakfast options: it is merciful to a sensitive stomach, it is cozy, warms and nourishes.

The difficulty lies in the fact that they usually go to extremes with porridge: they either brew flakes "ready in a minute, no need to cook", which not only almost do not carry useful vitamins and microelements, but also sharply raise blood sugar levels, or they go into austerity, trying to convince themselves that fresh liquid on water is also tasty (admittedly, some really tasty), and then quickly give up.

We offer a healthy compromise. Correct cereals are really the best option for breakfast: they have enough protein, many useful trace elements, and complex carbohydrates saturate for many hours.

To do this, they must be prepared from whole grain cereals without added sugar. But you can add fresh and frozen berries, vegetables, herbs, fruits, dried fruits, nuts and seeds to them.


  • Oatmeal with banana, almonds and cinnamon
  • Porridge of four cereals with coconut milk with orange
  • Buckwheat with herbs
  • Simple porridge with banana and berry sauce


Why are breakfast salads good? From the very morning you activate digestion, begin to gain the necessary daily intake of vitamins and fiber, you feel full and at the same time light.

What salad, it's winter outside? Where to get fresh ingredients, where is satiety? Anything is possible, because salads can be easily adapted to the circumstances of the season and breakfast. To do this, vegetables and greens must be available during the cold season (be seasonal, greenhouse or frozen), and the rest must be satisfying.


  • Tabouleh
  • Beet, pear, feta and sunflower seed salad
  • Chickpea and feta salad
  • Pumpkin salad with arugula, seeds and honey dressing


Lack of protein is one of the common problems. Therefore, eggs for breakfast are a good option to start solving it in the morning. In addition, egg yolk is a source of vitamins A and E, as well as beneficial fatty acids, which have a positive effect on brain function. To get the most out of your omelette, try to use free-range eggs and add healthy vegetables and herbs to it.


  • Herb omelet
  • Omelet with green peas
  • Omelet roll with cottage cheese and herbs
  • Omelet with spinach and suluguni

Hot sandwich

Don't rush to reject this option just because it contains bread. Whole grain bread has long been included in the list of healthy foods, and when combined with proteins, it helps to strengthen stress resistance.

To make bread easier to digest and not leave a feeling of heaviness, do not forget to eat it with vegetables or herbs. We chose the warm version of the sandwich because it is more pleasant to eat on a cold winter morning.


  • Spinach and Fried Egg Sandwich
  • Bean sandwich
  • Hot toast with beet hummus
  • Sweet potato sandwich