Where To Sell And Buy Luxury Items: 5 Resell Platforms

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Where To Sell And Buy Luxury Items: 5 Resell Platforms
Where To Sell And Buy Luxury Items: 5 Resell Platforms

Video: Where To Sell And Buy Luxury Items: 5 Resell Platforms

Video: Where To Sell And Buy Luxury Items: 5 Resell Platforms

Experts have been talking for a long time that online sales of used things in the next few years may overtake the mass market, and recent events in the world, more than ever, contribute to the fact that predictions may become reality in the foreseeable future. "Fast fashion" causes enormous damage to the environment, environmentalists sound the alarm and expose unscrupulous companies: every year in the production of clothing, 1.2 billion tons of greenhouse gases are emitted into the atmosphere, which can lead to climate change.

Loud scandals do not pass by the luxury market either. So, in the summer of 2018, it turned out that the British giant Burberry destroyed unsold clothes and perfumes worth € 32 million in a year - in this way the company wanted to protect itself from fraudsters who steal and resell things. Environmental activists were horrified by this approach. And although Burberry assured that the energy obtained from the combustion was used in production, in October 2019 the brand found another solution - it announced a partnership with one of the world's largest reseller sites, The RealReal.

“Today, many brands are launching pre-owned businesses,” says Albert Oskanov, co-founder of the Oskelly resale platform. - They have no other choice, as their audience is now actively moving towards the philosophy of conscious consumption. And Burberry is not the only brand in this case. Off-White also launched a pre-owned business. In addition, according to an international study by BCG and Altagamma, sales of premium second-hand goods will more than double by 2023 (in 2018, revenues were $ 22 billion). Over the past three years, the branded fashion reselling segment has grown 21 times faster than the retail market as a whole."

An ethical attitude towards nature is not the only driving force behind resale growth. The attitude of people towards things and consumption in general is changing. “Fur coats made of natural fur and bags for a million are already considered bad manners in Europe,” says Svetlana Bekasova, director of the Pif Paf Supershop concept store. - This is not the case in Russia yet, but the situation is already changing. Fewer and fewer wealthy people are willing to spend large sums to buy things."

The secondary market price is the main plus for the buyer. Often things that have little or no use are put up for sale at a substantial discount. In addition, the aftermarket often helps consumers find models from limited collections. All that remains is to choose a reliable platform where you can quickly sell an unnecessary item or buy it profitably without fear of running into a fake.



Albert Oskanov,

co-founder of the Oskelly resale platform

“The secondary market is developing at a rate of 21% annually, while the retail growth rate is 3-5%. Reluctance to overpay is the most obvious driver of growth, especially in the luxury segment, and this is what drives 96% of secondary market buyers. They can be understood: according to estimates by McKinsey & Company, the price of jewelry and watches almost doubled from 2005 to 2018, the price of the Speedy 30 Louis Vuitton bag has been growing by about 19% per year since 2016. "Even buyers with six-figure incomes are interested in discounts and alternative purchase models," McKinsey concludes. We are confident that after the quarantine, the dynamics of sales in the field of reselling will increase."

Oskelly offers clothes and accessories of luxury brands in the form of a mobile application and online store oskelly.ru. The founders of the service decided not only to create a convenient, safe and technologically advanced tool for purchases and sales, but also to change the attitude of compatriots towards resale. To prove that the future of fashion lies in the reuse of clothes and accessories, that wearing used things is not a shame, and selling is profitable. Many influencers and opinion leaders have already believed in this future and meaningful consumption: Evgenia Linovich, Nata Chigirinskaya, Varvara Shelyagova, Anastasia Reshetova, Diana Manasir, Tamuna Tsiklauri, Maria Mikhailova and many others sell their clothes, shoes and accessories at Oskelly. The platform collaborates with private sellers, collectors and boutiques,who have been particularly affected by the restrictions on their offline activities.

Loewe bag, 100,000 rubles
Loewe bag, 100,000 rubles

1 of 6 Red Valentino dress, 43 000 rub. © press service Alexander McQueen jacket, 50,000 rubles. © press service Chanel bag, 230,000 rubles. © press service Elizabetta Franchi dress, 17 650 rubles. © press service Loewe bag, 100,000 rubles. © press service

The Oskelly mobile application immediately closes all client "pains" associated with reselling: the client lists his goods in two clicks, and after delivery he receives money immediately on the card. Both the seller and the buyer can track the delivery of the goods to the office for examination and beyond, as well as exchange additional photos, track price changes and make a request for bargaining. For each product that the client receives, the site is financially responsible - 200% of the cost in case of a fake. So far, there have been no such cases.

Each item goes through several stages of examination:

  • visual check during moderation of photos posted by the seller;
  • expertise in the office;
  • pre-sale preparation (if necessary, clothes are handed over to dry cleaning).

Only after passing all the steps is the item sent to the buyer.

“We are also partners with the American company Entrupy, which has developed the only device in the world that checks goods for authenticity,” explains Oskanov. - The gadget is powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence. The contactless authentication technology recognizes any bag models of the 15 largest premium brands, including Prada, Chanel, Fendi, Gucci, Dior. The check takes from 15 minutes to several hours, depending on the type of material: leather, metal, wood. The accuracy of the result is 99.1%."

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