How Street Fashion Conquers Wealthy Men: Photo

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How Street Fashion Conquers Wealthy Men: Photo
How Street Fashion Conquers Wealthy Men: Photo

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Is streetwear fashion?

Streetwear is a by-product of several American subcultures of the 60s and 70s: surfing, skateboarding and hip-hop. They instructed their followers to wear comfortable, lightweight and branded clothing - be it stretched T-shirts, wide jeans, oversized bombers or cotton shorts. Although in the UK, the term streetwear is understood primarily as the equipment of runners: sweatshirts, bicycles and baseball caps. In any case, these are things that always looked casual, relaxed and even a little marginal, without any claim to the status of high-fashion.

Over time, the marginal appearance became tendentious (hence the normcore style appeared), and streetwear went beyond the subcultures and became no less than a symbol of generations Y and Z. Clothes that appeared on the streets and for the streets moved to Parisian ateliers, to world catwalks. to luxury retailers and ratings of the "most popular and successful brands" published, for example, by the personal recommendation service Lyst (according to the latest report, the most popular brand in the first quarter of 2020 was Off-White). Ultimately, the line between streetwear and any other clothing in the understanding of buyers was erased, and there were so many sweatshirts that it annoyed the titled designers with the appropriate education and many years of experience.

“I've always associated this term with brands that mostly make T-shirts and sweatshirts,” said designer Nazir Mazhar, explaining why he doesn't want his clothes to be called streetwear. - They are not fashion brands. In a sense, it even belittles the meaning of the word "fashion"."

Critic Charlie Porter stood up for the founders of streetwear brands, explaining that when talking about this direction it is important to draw a line between the concepts of fashion and luxury. “Some of the greatest fashion phenomena of recent years have been associated with the names of those who make sweatshirts and sweatpants. Gosha Rubchinskiy. Cottweiler. Nasir Mazhar, he wrote in his iD column. - Each of them created an important, individual fashion, but in some cases it was labeled with the sickening phrase "streetwear". Why? Because fashion in making the majority has become too closely related to luxury."

According to Porter, fashion is not only about tailoring, creative thinking, manipulating material, understanding the body and giving character to clothes, but also a reflection of social change and existing cultures. “Of course, tracksuits and sweatshirts speak more about the real fashion of our time than many things created by luxury houses. However, clothing that is not considered luxury is considered streetwear. The work of designers is becoming underestimated, and the fashion of our time is not fully understood."

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