10 Halloween Costume Ideas 2020: Photos

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10 Halloween Costume Ideas 2020: Photos
10 Halloween Costume Ideas 2020: Photos

Video: 10 Halloween Costume Ideas 2020: Photos

Video: 10 Halloween Costume Ideas 2020: Photos
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Thanks to the Russian biomedical imaging studio Visual Science, the world recognized its enemy by sight. The new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 looks like a ball covered with spiny processes that outwardly resemble the solar corona. A costume like this one made of papier-mâché, for example, is another good reminder that we all need to wear gloves and masks.

Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2
Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2

Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 © who.int

5G conspiracy theorist

In the spring, numerous conspiracy theories spread on social media: allegedly, radiation from equipment for the new 5G telephony standard is associated with the appearance of symptoms of the coronavirus. To stop the spread of radiation (and, as a consequence, a pandemic), some supporters of the hypothesis burned telephone towers, while others bought protective equipment. Among them are homemade lotions, creams, amulets, flash drive beads and foil helmets that can be used as a costume that reflects the absurdity of what is happening.

Shot from the film "Signs"
Shot from the film "Signs"

Shot from the film "Signs" © imdb

Blogger on self-isolation

“Just woke up? And I have already made toast with avocado, practiced yoga and finished reading Nietzsche”- you probably saw similar posts during the regime of self-isolation and absolutely lost your temper. Bloggers who were all in time (or pretended to be in time), while others said “no” to productivity and “yes” to the refrigerator (and very often reproached themselves for this), became one of the main characters of quarantine memes. A sports top, bicycle shorts, a cape from a gymnastic mat, a rolling pin in one hand and a book in the other will help to try on their role for yourself at least for one day. When you go to a Halloween party, you should say out loud affirmations and lament that you only ran 10 km today.

Bikini nurse

Appearing at a fancy-dress party in a white jumpsuit and a protective mask can scare others. However, if the jumpsuit is transparent, and a sports top and bikini peek out from under it, then the guests will probably understand the reference to the image of the Tula nurse. The name of Nadezhda Zhukova spread widely in the media after she came to work at the infectious diseases hospital in transparent clothing, which became an alternative to more dense and uncomfortable. In addition to a reprimand from her superiors for an inappropriate appearance, she received an offer to appear in the lookbook of the Russian brand Zasport, as well as conduct a weather forecast on the Vesti-Tula TV channel. At the same time, the girl continues to work as a nurse.

The cat that wakes up Natasha

This year Natasha's cats surpassed in popularity Garfield, Matroskin, Grumpy Cat and Karl Lagerfeld's cat Shupett combined. You can dress up for the meme with a rented suit or any long-pile or faux fur garment. So that people around you understand that you are exactly one of those cats, you should hang a sign on your chest with the phrase "Natasha, we dropped everything", "Natasha, we reset everything" and "There is a coronavirus infection, Natasha, honestly."

Meme with cats "Natasha, are you sleeping?"
Meme with cats "Natasha, are you sleeping?"

Meme with cats "Natasha, are you sleeping?" © memepedia.ru

Joe Exotic

If you're looking at the trendiest and most talked-about on-screen characters when choosing a Halloween costume, then you should definitely pay attention to Joe Exotic - a tiger tamer, country singer, gay polygamist, prison inmate, former US presidential candidate and hero of the documentary series " The King of the Tigers”on Netflix. All aspects of Exotic reflect his style: leather jackets with fringes, classic jeans with a holster, baseball caps with his own name, but most importantly - shirts with leopard print, patterns and sequins. For a greater resemblance to the hero, they should be worn wide open.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears' life was watched with such close attention as it is today, except at the beginning of her career and after her divorce from Kevin Federline in 2006. It's all about the singer's incessant attempts to defend the right to privacy and break off the custody that her father, Jamie Spears, has been carrying out for 12 years. Fans believe that Britney is in danger, but cannot tell about it, so they ask her to give a signal - for example, to record a video in clothes of a certain color. The yellow cropped top, in which the singer appeared after one of such requests, practically became a symbol of the #FreeBritney movement. It is he who can be used as the basis for the Halloween costume of a forced pop princess, complementing the image with the same short shorts, wedge shoes, black eyeliner and a ponytail with false bangs.

Robert Pattison

Actor Robert Pattinson is usually seen either in basic clothes, as in the teenage drama Twilight, or in a classic suit, as in the Dior advertising campaign, or in a Batman suit, as in the new superhero film by Matt Reeves. Therefore, it was impossible to hide surprise and not make a joke about the appearance of a sex symbol in an adidas Originals tracksuit, camouflage pants and hiker boots in the photo taken by director Josh Safdie in 2017, but sold on social networks just now. Pattinson's image was immediately cut from the original photo and placed on the poster for the movie "Silent Hill", in the frame from the TV series "Game of Thrones" and in the report from the meeting between Dmitry Medvedev and Vladimir Putin. However, this image will look most appropriate on Halloween.


Ufa resident Alisher Valeev became the most talked about rap artist in Russia thanks not only to provocative tracks, but also to unusual wardrobe items, the cost of which is sung in these very tracks. “Weaving thousand on a bag LV”, “two cartoons on my watch”, “chains are hanging on my dad, I'm wearing Dolce tapas” - melodic lines appear in Morghestern's hits, which, however, are more like an inventory of property. To turn into "young Hugh Hefner", with whom the musician compares himself in one of the tracks, one does not need to spend fabulous sums. It is enough to put on a velvet robe on your naked body, paint your nails with black or blue varnish, make drawings on your chest and face, and shave off your temples, tying the remaining hair in a ponytail.

Little big

The images of the members of the Little Big group seem to have been specially invented for cosplay. Anton Lissov's black lips, Ilya Prusikin's slicked hair, Sergey Makarov's short bangs and Sophia Tayurskaya's lush eyelashes plus Mexican-style outfits from the Tacos video, retro costumes from the Hypnodancer video and leather jackets from the Skibidi video are ideal options for companies of four. If there are more invitees to the party, then you can refer to the video for the song "Uno", sent to the Eurovision Song Contest from Russia this year. In it Little Big parodies the ABBA group together with Florida Chanturia from Leningrad, Yuri Muzychenko from The Hatters and dancer Dmitry Krasilov, nicknamed Pukhlyash.

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