9 Russian Brands Of Outerwear

9 Russian Brands Of Outerwear
9 Russian Brands Of Outerwear

Video: 9 Russian Brands Of Outerwear

Video: 9 Russian Brands Of Outerwear
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The Vatnique brand is a unique product in our market: the guys took the traditional Russian quilted jacket as the basis for the design and interpreted it in a modern way. Now the brand's team produces the same model every season using different materials and accessories. So, recently Vatnique presented a capsule collection, inspired by the classic Chanel tweed jacket. It turned out very cool.

Luda Nikishina

Luda Nikishina started her business with the production of perfectly tailored coats. Now the brand's assortment also includes dresses, suits, tops and skirts, but outerwear is still a pillar of Luda Nikishina. If you are looking for the perfect eco-fur coat, Nikishina is your place. By the way, in his Instagram, the designer regularly urges subscribers to stop using plastic, which deserves special respect.


Perhaps the most famous brand of outerwear comes from St. Petersburg. First of all, you should go to osome2some for a coat - a classic cut, with a smell, unusual details like a scarf sewn into the collar, duffle coats … You can go on for a long time. The assortment of the brand includes both monochromatic models in a wide color palette, and ultra-fashionable ones with an animal print.


One of the stylish sides of the St. Petersburg brand is futuristic parkas, jackets and down jackets that will appeal to fans of texure. As the creators of Novaya say, the idea of the brand was born due to their desire to develop functional outerwear for residents of the city, where "the autumn-winter season is nine months a year." The idea was a success - things from the Novaya collection look like they literally want to live in.


The brand specializes in waterproof raincoats and winter jackets with a simple, laconic cut. The SH'U collections have just a few models in different colors - perfect for those looking for a truly versatile fall and winter outerwear. Elongated jackets and parkas are made of dense nylon with a membrane that protects from wind and snow, and thanks to the insulation they can withstand temperatures up to 20-25 degrees below zero. Particular attention is paid to the color palette: in addition to the classic black and gray models, there are more unusual ones - grassy green, blue and sky blue.


A fashion-oriented brand with great parkas, jackets and down jackets in a utilitarian style. Winter models are designed for temperatures down to minus 20 degrees and are designed to provide maximum protection from wind and cold. A classic everyday design with quirky details such as reflective stripes on the back and sleeves.

Grunge John Orchestra. Explosion

One of the veterans of the Russian fashion industry in the field of high-tech clothing, who needs no special introduction. An industrial approach to design, innovative materials, goose down as a heater, a unique dyeing method using minerals and organic pigments - all this about the outerwear of Grunge John Orchestra.

Buttermilk Garments

A cute Moscow brand named after one of the four peaks of the Aspen ski resort. Buttermilk founder and designer Dina Lubentsova creates beautiful and comfortable clothes for life - for example, down jackets with a tightly zipped hood. On the eve of winter, we advise you to take a closer look at a coat and a fur coat made of faux fur with insulation, which can withstand even 15-degree frosts.


Designer Yulia Shinkareva calls the direction of her work neoclassic. SHI-SHI will really appeal to lovers of classic style: many options for coats, sheepskin coats, down jackets with and without a belt. A separate plus is the non-trivial color scheme from mottled pink to gray-blue.