Pandora Will Close Stores Due To Coronavirus

Pandora Will Close Stores Due To Coronavirus
Pandora Will Close Stores Due To Coronavirus

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“The recent surge in COVID-19 infections has led to numerous restrictive government directives and the suspension of retail stores around the world,” the company said in a report. - These rules assume, in particular, that all Pandora stores in the UK, France and Belgium are temporarily closed or will be closed. In connection with the announcement of quarantine from November 2, 2020, approximately 18% of the network of physical stores will be temporarily closed, and another 24% of the network will work in a reduced mode."

Pandora highlights that offline store traffic is down almost 50% year-over-year, but the quality has improved, resulting in significantly higher conversion rates. In turn, the organic growth of the online store in the third quarter of 2020 was 89%, driven by improved conversion rates and continued growth in the performance of a large online store in the UK.

Recall that a number of European countries have introduced a nationwide quarantine. In France it is valid from October 30, in Belgium from November 1, and in the UK from November 5. Russia, according to President Vladimir Putin, does not yet plan to return to the regime of self-isolation. It is still unknown whether the Russian representative office of Pandora is preparing for a second lockdown. sent a request to the company's press service.>

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