10 Facts About The Moschino [tv] H&M Collaboration

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10 Facts About The Moschino [tv] H&M Collaboration
10 Facts About The Moschino [tv] H&M Collaboration

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1980s and 1990s aesthetics, disco, hip-hop and pop culture. Jeremy Scott tried to embrace the immensity, creating a collection that fits all the more or less recognizable elements of Moschino.

As a reminder, Jeremy Scott took over as creative director at Moschino in 2013 to rejuvenate the brand, and the designer has definitely succeeded. You can treat his work as you like, but one cannot deny the fact that T-shirts with cartoon characters, bags that look like biker leather jackets, and phone cases in the form of pill boxes, teddy bears, doll mirrors and packs of cigarettes fly like hot cakes and overwhelm Instagram accounts of all popular bloggers.

Pacifist signs and leather items, leopard, faux fur, neon, catchy prints and lots and lots of gold. It is quite predictable that Scott's collection is not intended for supporters of restraint and minimalism. Here, sequin mini dresses are complemented by huge CD earrings, and bright hoodie dresses are combined with over-the-knee boots decorated with chains for added effect.

Jeremy Scott and Gigi Hadid in #HMOSCHINO collection
Jeremy Scott and Gigi Hadid in #HMOSCHINO collection

Jeremy Scott and Gigi Hadid wearing items from the #HMOSCHINO collection © www2.hm.com

one -

This is the 18th collaboration on the H&M list. Previously, the Swedish retailer has collaborated with Erdem, Balmain, Sonia Rykiel, Maison Margiela and other fashion brands. The first joint collection was released in 2004 together with Karl Lagerfeld.

This isn't the first time Jeremy Scott has partnered with a third-party brand. The designer has been working with adidas for a long time, in addition, he has a collaboration with UGG behind him, and at the beginning of this year a line of cosmetics developed for MAC came out. Scott himself says that the collection for H&M is his gift to fans.

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The new collaboration includes 45 women's and 20 men's items. This is excluding accessories. The most budgetary item (phone case) will cost 799 rubles, and the most expensive (a pair of jackboots) - 32,999 rubles.

3 -

In addition to H&M and Moschino, this collaboration has two other members. The first is Disney. The fact is that Jeremy Scott is a big fan of animation, and the characters of the Disney studio regularly appear in his collections. They say that Dumbo the elephant is the designer's favorite hero. He, however, is not in the collection, but there is Mickey Mouse, which celebrates its 90th anniversary this year.

"Cartoon haute couture" is how Jeremy Scott characterizes the emergence of Disney, Nickelodeon and Warner Bros. on the podium. Another member of the collection is MTV. After all, the collection is called Moschino [tv] H&M for a reason. Scott generally plays with the channel's logo in every possible way, combining it with Moschino in different ways.

Photo: press services of H&M and Moschino
Photo: press services of H&M and Moschino

1 of 5 © H&M and Moschino Press Services © H&M and Moschino Press Services © H&M and Moschino Press Services © H&M and Moschino Press Services © H&M and Moschino Press Services

four -

If you follow Moschino collections, you know that Jeremy Scott loves noise, glitter and other special effects. It was also decided to announce the collaboration with H&M loudly. In April this year, at a party at the Coachella music festival, the collaboration was announced by Jeremy Scott's girlfriend Gigi Hadid. The model broadcast the appeal to Instagram.

five -

This is the first H&M collaboration to present clothes not only for humans, but also for dogs. Jeremy Scott offers two hoodies and a pet collar with leash.

Photo: press service
Photo: press service

© press service

6 -

Sometimes, before the start of sales of collaborations, H&M arranges large-scale shows. Last year, as part of a partnership with Erdem, a fairy garden was created, and in October this year, for the New York show Moschino [tv] H&M built a Times Square set with skyscrapers, billboards and huge screens. Gigi Hadid opened the show, and Naomi Campbell closed it.

In addition, H&M and Moschino have teamed up with Swedish augmented reality company Warpin Media. Wearing Magic Leap glasses, guests of the show found themselves inside a huge old TV, filled with colored stripes that appear when technical failures or after the broadcast ends.

Joan Smalls
Joan Smalls

Page 1 of 22 Gigi Hadid © Press Office Naomi Campbell © Press Office Bella Hadid © Press Office Winnie Harlow © Press Office Candice Swanepoel © Press Office Stella Maxwell © Press Office Imaan Hammam © Press Office Jordan Barrett © Press Office Joan Smalls Service © Press Office

7 -

The show in New York has become a kind of tribute to the transgender community. So, one of the models of the H&M x Moschino show was transgender activist Teddy Quinlivan, and transgender model Amanda Lepore was sitting in the front row.

8 -

It's even surprising that the creative merger of Moschino and H&M took place only in 2018. Back in the 80s, Franco Moschino wanted as many people as possible to have the opportunity to buy his brand's collections. In 1985, just two years after founding Moschino, he launched a more budget line, Cheap and Chic. Jeremy Scott holds the same position: “I hate the idea of ​​exclusivity in fashion, I fully support democratization and I want people to be able to afford to buy all these things,” the designer said before the show in New York.

9 -

Not only models, but also close friends and colleagues of Jeremy Scott took part in the shooting of the lookbook. It features designer assistant Sakura Brady, Moschino PR director Pablo Olea, RuPaul's Drag Race star Aquaria, and Japanese musical duo Amiaya.

Jeremy Scott and Japanese music duo Amiaya
Jeremy Scott and Japanese music duo Amiaya

Jeremy Scott and Japanese music duo Amiaya © press office

ten -

There is an important social implication in the new collection. Some accessories and jewelry resemble condom packaging. According to Scott, in this way he wanted to draw attention to the problem of unprotected sex and help adolescents get rid of the feeling of awkwardness by remaking contraceptives into ordinary wardrobe items that are not ashamed not only to discuss, but also to show in public.>

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