10 Things And Trends That Are Better To Leave In

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10 Things And Trends That Are Better To Leave In
10 Things And Trends That Are Better To Leave In

Video: 10 Things And Trends That Are Better To Leave In

Video: 10 Things And Trends That Are Better To Leave In
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To look like the characters in Wes Anderson's films - Steve Zissou in a short red cap and Margot Tenenbaum with her bangs pinned to one side - has become fashionable this year even for those who have never seen these films. But if the first reference has not yet had time to go public and, as a result, get bored with everyone, then the second one is already quite tired of it. Multicolored, shiny and pearl hairpins appear simultaneously on the catwalks (for example, on the Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Ashley Williams shows), on the red carpet (hello to Elsie Fisher, Alexa Chung and Selena Gomez) and in street style chronicles. We suggest replacing them with less replicated accessories and tying your hair with a ribbon or scarf.


Puffy headbands in different shades, which after Prada's spring-summer show became perhaps the most coveted thing of the decade, were quickly copied by mass-market brands and Chinese retailers. The availability of the accessory, but no longer with minimalistic silk upholstery, but with a leopard print or pretentious embroidery, turned out to be worn out of place: with Victorian dresses, sweatpants and puffy down jackets in the cold.


The popularity of the Jacquemus Le Chiquito bag, which, according to The Cut, contains only "five pennies, regret and a secret", has not left indifferent not only street style heroes, but also designers. They spent this year practicing making a bag that is "even smaller than tiny" that can be worn as a keychain or on the little finger. Good for memes, but not very practical: this is confirmed by research on the Lyst platform. Analysis of user requests predicted the return of giant roomy shoppers.

Cycling shorts

Cycling shorts, like flesh-colored tights, visually make and shorten the legs. After watching the free interpretations of the catwalk trend (namely, the combination of bicycles with tweed jackets and transparent dresses), the designers decided to leave the item within the training wardrobe and replace it with linen culottes and ultrashort shorts. Search all Instagram accounts next year.


Bombers, which returned at the beginning of the decade, are still in vogue. This is the best thing for experimenting with technological fabrics, highly artistic painting and hand embroidery, which, meanwhile, are no longer fun. Especially when so many alternatives have appeared in the collections of world brands - from jackets with sewn flowers, as at the recent show by Kim Jones, to camouflage capes, as in the autumn-winter Miu Miu collection.

Things made of transparent plastic

In 2019, the phrase "ashamed when you can see" has ceased to be relevant: the podium was filled with transparent plastic hats, bags and raincoats. However, in 2020, it is worth thinking not only about the beauty and provocativeness of the thing, but also about what it is made of: if you wear plastic, it is only recyclable.

Ugly shoes

Shoes with glue smudges, a deformed platform, deliberately dirty soles and inaccurately applied paint become hell not only for the perfectionist, but also for the buyer. According to the same Lyst study, users began to look more often for classic boots, sports sandals and high-heeled shoes - in a word, practical and timeless things, not hype.


The general obsession with the Cossacks, like Clint Eastwood in "The Outlaw" and Salma Hayek in "Bandits", is also gradually subsiding. If in 2018 they appeared in the collections of almost all Italian brands - from Alberta Ferretti to Nero Giardini (and, accordingly, in the images of Italians who wore them even at +30), then they rarely appeared in this. However, we advise you not to move the Cossacks too far if you have already bought them - given the permanent return of the trend and the tilt towards conscious consumption, they will definitely come in handy.

Cheburashka fur coats

Fur coats resembling plush toys are considered to be environmentally friendly only because animals do not suffer in the process of their creation. Although in fact, their production is no less harmful to the environment: polyester, acrylic and modacrylic, which are part of most "alternative" fur products, practically do not decompose naturally. A fur coat that is truly safe for nature can only be considered one made of the fur of a long-haired goat or sheep: these animals are carefully sheared, and not shaved bald.

Caterpillar fur coats

We did not find pictures of “grooved” fur coats, which, with one movement of the hand, turn from long to short and even into vests, we did not find among foreign street-style photographers. Obviously, due to their functionality, resistance to low temperatures and a relatively democratic price, they became widespread only in Russia, and in a huge amount even for a multimillion country.


For those who want to be different, there is an alternative in the form of puffy down jackets. They are capable of "layering" on other clothes, which is proved by the blogger itsmaysmemes.>

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