Techno Digest: Google's Smart Jacket And Levi's And Bill Gates' Smartphone

Techno Digest: Google's Smart Jacket And Levi's And Bill Gates' Smartphone
Techno Digest: Google's Smart Jacket And Levi's And Bill Gates' Smartphone

Video: Techno Digest: Google's Smart Jacket And Levi's And Bill Gates' Smartphone

Video: CNET Update - Google teams with Levi's on smart clothes 2022, November

Amazon introduced new smart speakers

Amazon continues to expand its line of successful Echo smart speakers. The other day it was replenished with five new products at once.

Perhaps the most interesting of them is the Echo Spot smart alarm clock. He knows how to make video calls and can connect to external speakers via cable or Bluetooth. Even a touchscreen display fits on the small body of the device.

Of course, Alexa, Amazon's proprietary voice assistant, works inside the Echo Spot, so the functionality of the new device does not differ much from the same "full-size" Echo.

Other novelties include the updated Echo, which received the Plus prefix in the new generation, the smaller and cheaper Echo, and the Echo Buttons designed for family games in front of the TV.



Twitter will double its message limit

Twitter has begun testing tweets with a 280-character limit, according to the service's official blog. Thus, the company wants to help users of the social network more accurately and fully express their thoughts and emotions. In addition, Twitter hope that people often will "tweet", if they do not have to constantly think about how to convey a sense of just 140 characters.

The changes, however, will not affect the Japanese, Chinese and Korean languages: the hieroglyphic writing allows you to put several meanings in each character at once, so, for example, the average length of a Japanese tweet is only 15 characters.

The new 280-character limit is not yet available to everyone - it is being tested by a select group of users. When it will be made available to everyone, it has not yet been announced.

Bill Gates is now using an Android smartphone

The last nail seems to have been hammered into the coffin of the Android for Rogue argument. In an interview with Fox, one of the founders of Microsoft and the richest people on the planet, Bill Gates, confirmed that he had switched from Windows Phone to Android.

Gates did not say which smartphone is in his pocket, but said that many Microsoft applications are preinstalled on it. Most likely, we are talking about the Samsung Galaxy S8 Microsoft Edition.

Why not an iPhone? It's simple: Steve Jobs' company has always been Microsoft 's main competitor. Steve himself, by the way, was called a genius by Gates, and the iPhone was a great product.

Bill Gates
Bill Gates

Bill Gates © Chris Goodney / Bloomberg via Getty Images

Google and Levi's smart jacket goes on sale

More than a year after the announcement, Google and Levi's touch-sensing jacket is finally ready for release. On her sleeve there is a special zone, which looks little different from ordinary denim. This section of the jacket is capable of responding to touch and transmitting it to the smartphone via a small transmitter located on the same sleeve. Thus, by touching this area, you can operate some functions of the smartphone. You can bind an action to a gesture - there are four of them: two swipes, a double tap and a long hold.

Such clothing will be useful, for example, for cyclists and bikers: they will be able to receive audio information about the route without taking their phone out of their pocket. Or switch songs in the player and increase their volume.

The smart jacket is priced at $ 350 and will go on sale in October.

Terminator by James Cameron to be released in 2019

Officially: the very "real" "Terminator", which we are waiting for, will be released on July 26, 2019. This was announced by the creator of the franchise, James Cameron, and the director of the upcoming film, Tim Miller ("Deadpool"). Cameron will be the producer of the film, but this is not the main thing here. And not even that Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton will return to the franchise. The new "Terminator" will not take into account any of the films released after the canon second part, and will continue the story of "Doomsday". Moreover, it was Miller who insisted on this approach, in whose opinion it is the first two parts that are now more relevant than all the others. For the first time in a long time, the Terminator franchise seems to be in good hands.

James Cameron
James Cameron

James Cameron © Frazer Harrison / Getty Images>

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