App Of The Week: ARTO - A Guide To Contemporary Art

App Of The Week: ARTO - A Guide To Contemporary Art
App Of The Week: ARTO - A Guide To Contemporary Art

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Contemporary art is rich and multifaceted - this is one of its main advantages, and at the same time - a disadvantage: in all the variety of artists, trends and techniques it can be difficult to understand, but getting lost is much easier. The ARTO application was created specifically for those who are interested in the topic, but do not fully understand what exactly they like from all this. The program is based on an extensive collection of works of various genres and trends, but the application's capabilities go beyond the functions of ordinary databases and collections.

Divided ARTO into three tabs. The first is called "Stream," and it works like the popular dating app Tinder. This is an endless tape of pictures and photographs that the program creates in real time. You can mark the works you like with a simple swipe to the right, and if you don't like it, you can swipe to the left. The application remembers all actions and, based on them, learns to understand your tastes. Therefore, each user of the application essentially has his own feed.

The marked paintings can then be viewed in another tab, "Likes", and from there - go to the artist's page and get acquainted with his other creations, as well as read brief information about him or even ask him a question through the internal form.

One of the most interesting features of ARTO is the ability to buy (provided, of course, that it is sold at all) an object of art that interests you. Prices start at $ 1,500.

The third tab, Browse, turns the application into a detailed guide to the art world. Here you can find the latest news about contemporary art and information about significant events currently taking place (now, for example, the Art Basel 2017 fair heads the list) and see photos from them.

The database of artists and photographers is also impressive - there are more than six thousand of them in the application, including many Russian ones. Mainly young authors are represented in the ARTO collection, but there are also real mastodons like Warhol and Banksy. By clicking on the name you are interested in, you can still "jump" to the personal page of each. In addition, the app has a selection of works from museums and galleries: the list includes the Amsterdam Rijksmuseum, New York Museum of Art and Design (MAD) and more.

The app is still available only for iOS and has not been translated into Russian, but it is completely free.>

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