Soldiers Of Fortune: Military Style Rules In

Soldiers Of Fortune: Military Style Rules In
Soldiers Of Fortune: Military Style Rules In

Video: Soldiers Of Fortune: Military Style Rules In

Video: Soldiers Of Fortune: Military Style Rules In
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While Briton Christopher Nolan sculpted his "Dunkirk" for the July film distribution - a tape about how in 1940 anti-Hitler coalition units blocked by German troops were evacuated from the northern coast of France - brands on both sides of the ocean were preparing their own military blockbuster. In the lead role - a well-known khaki, capable of turning any creation of design ideas into the property of the military. Whether this is due to the tense situation in the world or the banal habit of the fashion industry to borrow from the army, but the militarization of the wardrobe is inevitable.

Valentino, Mulberry
Valentino, Mulberry

Valentino, Mulberry © Estrop Press Office

To get started, invest in a lightweight jacket or a tight shirt: our summer is not always warm, and such a thing is equally appropriate both on weekdays and on weekends - when fate can bring to a music festival, of which there are many in the district. An obligatory point of the program in both cases is noticeable pockets, which, firstly, will contain everything in the world, and secondly, they will make you look like the heroes of the MES series - remember that? Do not take the versatility and dresses dyed in "dusty" green or beige, which are also called "safari"; it is good to contrast their utility with the tenderness of, say, a floral print, as it was skillfully done at the show of Joseph Altuzarra.

Gentlemen should do the same trick: a short-sleeved shirt with a life-affirming print is a worthy match for a combat look. Although it is not forbidden to dress up in military from head to toe, like the models participating in the Versus and Valentino show.

Polo, Alexander McQueen
Polo, Alexander McQueen

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Alexander McQueen

A sleek alternative to seemingly must-have, but admittedly, boring chinos


Made of thin cotton jersey, this model differs from the classic polo with a stand-up collar

Z Zegna

Intelligent-looking windbreaker with four symmetrical pockets hides a zip under the buttons

Saint laurent

Skinny black jeans, frayed boots - and now you are the canonical "Senloran" rocker

Isabel marant

A variation on the safari jackets worn by British colonial officers


This jersey dress has a version in black, but it certainly doesn't look so impressive.

Dries van noten

Flowers blooming on dense cotton of "khaki" color - practically a call to peace

Marc jacobs

A shirt that is actually a jacket is perfect for a music festival; just add a tank top and denim shorts