11 First Purchases Of The New Season For Her

11 First Purchases Of The New Season For Her
11 First Purchases Of The New Season For Her

Video: 11 First Purchases Of The New Season For Her

Video: 11 First Purchases Of The New Season For Her
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After the summer season, almost mired in the alternative trends of the 1990s like minimalism or grunge, you will have to muster up some serious courage to withstand the pressure of new, much louder trends. That there is only an abundance of pink, purple and fuchsia, furs of acid colors, lurex and sequins, flounces and scallops in the style of the 1980s, as well as black vinyl raincoats, leopard prints and futuristic things in the style of Paco Raban. Between such polar trends as dark plaid dresses in the spirit of American Mormons and leather corsets in the BDSM style, there are attractive and practical things - moderately sexy, without excessive decorative elements, in a word, those with whose help you can shuffle accents in your wardrobe or place new.


Bracelet, Tiffany & Co.

The new pieces from the Return to Tiffany collection combine sterling silver with rubedo, an alloy of gold, copper and silver invented by the brand several years ago.

Watch J12 XS, Chanel

The bestseller of the Parisian house, the ceramic model J12 will appear this month in a miniature version with a 19 mm diagonal.

Sleepers, Sanayi 313

The richly hand-decorated Sanayi 313 shoes from the Istanbul concept store of the same name have become extraordinarily fashionable this summer. It will come in handy at a seaside resort in the velvet season or as home shoes.

Dress, Giorgio Armani

The navy blue silk crepe dress with pleated skirt meets even the most demanding office dress code. And with massive jewelry and heels, it is also suitable for smart casual.

Bomber, Balenciaga

At the first show of designer Demna Gvasalia for Balenciaga, everyone drew attention to the almost unbearable proportions of his clothes, but things went on sale in quite classic forms, applicable in real life.


Low shoes, Barbara Bui

Comfortable suede low-heeled shoes with bright red accents on the laces and sole will be practical in the mid-season.

Metropolis Bolero bag, Furla

This novelty made of perforated leather with gilded eyelets has already appeared in the advertising campaign of the Italian brand and visited the lens of Mario Testino himself.

Coat, Max Mara

The classic camel-colored coat is back in fashion, and you again have a chance to buy a thing that is considered to be the basis of a wardrobe.

Skirt, Prada

Since the 1990s, the Italian house has been offering a versatile combination of a brocade skirt (or trousers) and a simple top. Depending on the selected accessories, this ensemble looks good both in the office and at a cocktail party.

Vest, Moncler

An iconic item of a famous French brand - out of season and out of fashion. Although quilted down jackets threaten to become a noticeable trend in the coming autumn and winter.

Jumpsuit, Stella McСartney

In the coming months, the jumpsuit should be worn by both genders, although women know better what and how to wear it - including this piece in stretch denim.>