For A Good Deed: Where To Bring Unnecessary Gifts

For A Good Deed: Where To Bring Unnecessary Gifts
For A Good Deed: Where To Bring Unnecessary Gifts

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Foundation "Second Wind"

What they'll take: Reindeer sweaters, oversized T-shirts, and other clothing you don't intend to wear.

The Second Wind Charitable Foundation stands for conscious consumption: here they give new life to clothes that lie dead weight in our wardrobes. Good quality clothes are sent to those who need them, and those that are no longer wearable are sent for recycling. Some of the items are sent by the fund's employees to second-hand stores and their own Charity Shop.

Clothes can be brought directly to shops or left in one of the special containers located throughout Moscow.

Group "Give food for free"

What they will take: gingerbread and leftover potatoes for Olivier.

Surplus food purchased for the New Year's table, as they say, in reserve, and food gifts that risk being left unopened before the expiration date can be shared with members of the food sharing movement: for example, through the “Give away food” group or the Olio app.

Vera Foundation

What they will take: gift sets of cosmetic brands.

A shaving kit, hand cream, inseparable friends, shampoo and conditioner - it seems they have a reserved place under every tree. If the scale of your beauty enthusiasm does not correspond to the number of such gifts, then it is worth finding new owners for them. Such things, for example, are needed by the wards of the "Vera" foundation - a complete list of needs is presented on the organization's website. Preference is given to hypoallergenic products.

Foundation "Volunteers to help orphans"

What they will take: educational toys, board games, children's clothes.

Choosing a gift for a child under an hour is more difficult than for an adult, especially when it comes to the smallest: it is not always possible to guess whether he will show interest in a new toy, and it is easy to make a mistake with the size of clothes. What for some reason did not fit will be gladly accepted by the Volunteers to Help Orphans Foundation. The need for this or that thing should be clarified with the coordinators of the fund: for example, there are soft toys in the stop list. But what they will always be happy about is diapers and baby food.

Site "One + One"

What will be taken: anything.

"One + One" is like "Avito", only the money for the goods is sent not to the user who posted the ad, but to one of the partner funds of the online platform. Which one - the seller or the buyer decides.


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