Life In Paints: Became The Year Of Colored Diamonds

Life In Paints: Became The Year Of Colored Diamonds
Life In Paints: Became The Year Of Colored Diamonds

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“This year we saw a great parade of colored diamonds hitting the market,” says David Bennett, head of jewelry at Sotheby’s. “And you might even get the impression that the supply for such diamonds is very large. However, reality proves the opposite: these stones are the rarest creations of nature. " There are only a few mines in the world that produce pink diamonds, and only one, the famous Cullinan mine in South Africa, is a reliable source of modern blue stones, and only 0.1% of the rock mined in it is blue.

Blue fever

Auction excitement for blue diamonds and keen interest in them flared up in November 2015 after the record sale of Josephine's Blue Moon at Sotheby's. For a pillow-cut diamond weighing 12.03 carats, a Hong Kong buyer paid $ 48.4 million. At the time, it was the most expensive diamond ever sold at auction. Today, this record belongs to another blue giant - Oppenheimer's Blue (although Josephine's Moon remains the most expensive diamond at a cost per 1 carat, more than $ 4 million). Oppenheimer Blue joins Christie’s May auction: A 14.62-carat stone went under the hammer for $ 57.6 million and became the most expensive jewelry lot put up for auction. In addition to flawless gemology, a diamond has a brilliant provenance. Its previous owner is Sir Philip Oppenheimer, one of the heirs of the De Beers diamond corporation.

But provenance did not help the blue diamond of American actress Shirley Temple. The future Hollywood star in 1940, for her 12th birthday, received a 9.54 carat fancy deep blue stone from her father as a gift. “This item was received with great enthusiasm by collectors on pre-auction viewing,” says David Bennett. “However, in the evening this mood was not transferred to the hall where the auction took place.”

At Sotheby's Hong Kong, De Beers Millenium Jewel 4 was ranked as "largest oval diamond." The 10.1 carat fancy vivid blue is the fourth of twelve diamonds in De Beers' Millennium Special Edition and remains the only one to hit the open market. It was sold for $ 32 million with an upper estimate of $ 35 million.

Cullinan dream diamond ring
Cullinan dream diamond ring

1 of 7 Oppenheimer Blue Diamond © Getty | Anadolu Agency Brilliant "Blue Moon Josephine» © AP diamond De Beers Millenium Jewel 4 © press service of De Beers Brooch Alexandre Reza with blue stone color fancy intense blue © press service Alexandre Reza Ring Moussaieff c blue diamond weighing 4.29 carats © Press -Service Christie's The Sky Blue Diamond in Cartier © Cartier Press Service Cullinan dream diamond ring

The Cullinan Dream blue diamond comes from one piece of a 120-carat diamond discovered two years ago by Petra Diamonds at the Cullinan mine, which today is the main supplier of rare pink and blue diamonds to the market. The 24.18-carat stone was sold at Christie's in New York for $ 25.4 million, perfectly fitting into the established estimate ($ 23-29 million).

Sotheby's Geneva auction revealed another record. The most expensive piece of jewelry for the French jewelry brand Alexandre Reza was the brooch with a 6.64-carat fancy intense blue stone, sold for $ 13.7 million (with an estimate of $ 10 million - $ 14 million). The price per carat was $ 2.06 million and sell them on. Of Christie's ring Moussaieff with blue diamond (cut "Marquis", weight 4.29 carats) showed a higher value per carat - $ 2.8 million.

The final chord of the year was the sale at Sotheby’s in November 2016 of The Sky Blue Diamond, set in a Cartier setting. The 8.01-carat emerald-cut stone was sold for $ 17 million, just above the lower estimate. The cost of one carat of The Sky Blue Diamond was $ 2.1 million.

Rain of pink diamonds

Pink diamonds are as rare as their blue counterparts. According to the Gemological Institute of America, the annual number of colored diamonds is no more than 3%, of which less than 5% are pink. In 2016, several magnificent diamonds in the shade of dawn at once found new owners. However, the absolute record holder for six years has been the 24.78-carat Graff Pink, which sold for $ 46.2 million.

The hero of the May auction at Sotheby's in Geneva was the Unique Pink stone - the largest fancy bright pink pear-shaped diamond. The 15.38 carat stone went to an Asian collector for $ 31.6 million, thus the price of one carat exceeded $ 2 million.

Ring with diamond The Light of Memory
Ring with diamond The Light of Memory

1 of 6 Diamond Ring Unique Pink © Sotheby's Press Service Fancy Intense Pink Diamond Ring © Sotheby's Press Service Diamond Magnificent fancy intense pink © Sotheby's Press Service The Light of Memory Diamond Ring © Christie's Press Service

Approximately the same carat-price ratio was demonstrated by the fancy vivid pink pear-shaped pink diamond, which was put up for auction at Christie's in November 2016. The 9.14-carat stone went under the hammer for $ 18.2 million. The Asian collector who bought the diamond over the phone immediately named it The Light of Memory.

Sotheby’s November auction revealed several more pink diamonds to the world. Two of them went to Lawrence Graff, a gambling hunter for unique stones and the owner of the most expensive pink diamond, Graff Pink. One ring with a deep pink diamond weighing 13.2 carats cost $ 16.2 million, in another ring a 17.07-carat emerald-cut stone exceeded the estimate - Graff paid $ 20.8 million for it.

Unique green

Ring with diamond The Aurora Green
Ring with diamond The Aurora Green

The Aurora Green diamond ring © Christie's press service

Among the colored diamonds spotted in 2016 was a gorgeous, deep green rectangular cut. At Christie’s Hong Kong, The Aurora Green diamond weighing 5.03 carats set a double record: it became the most expensive green diamond (final value of $ 16.8 million) with the highest value per unit weight (over $ 3.3 million per carat). >

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