How Much Do New High Jewelery Pieces Cost

How Much Do New High Jewelery Pieces Cost
How Much Do New High Jewelery Pieces Cost

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The most expensive adornment of the Flying Cloud collection was estimated at € 3.7 million - the Endless Knot ring with a central colorless (color category D) and an excellent clarity category IF (Internally Flawless - "internally flawless") diamond in almost 13 carats (the exact weight of the stone is 12.83 carats). We bought it so quickly that it could not even show off at the presentation - apparently, the client did not want to part with his new treasure for a second. And the client's desire, as you know, is the law. As a law and the fact that large rare stones are a good investment of money.

It was this magnificent ring that became the first piece of the collection sold - it was bought even before the official presentation.


The most expensive piece of jewelry in the collection dedicated to Russia, Hiver Impérial ("Imperial Winter"), was a seven-piece transformable necklace with a detachable ring, which Boucheron uses for the first time, estimated at about € 2.6 million, with earrings, three hair ornaments, a brooch and a brooch. … The decoration itself is a stylized giant snowflake. Claire Chuan was inspired by the work of Wilson Alvin Bentley, the first famous photographer of snowflakes, for his love for them and received a funny nickname - Snowflake.

The first piece of jewelry, opposite to which a sold out icon appeared in the window, was a fox ring with a 7.28-carat pear-shaped tourmaline, 424 diamonds with a total weight of 9.94 carats and two emeralds with a total weight of 0.16 carats. For Boucheron, the creation of a precious zoo and the constant replenishment of new species is a tradition. Perhaps, without hesitation for a long time, one of the collectors of this kind of works, Boucheron, decided to replenish his personal collection. The ring was gone for € 120 thousand.


The most expensive item in the Résonances de Cartier collection is the Infinite Motion ring, vaguely reminiscent of the yin-yang symbol. Only instead of black-and-white “opposites”, an endless movement is formed by two pear-shaped diamonds of intense fantasy color in a stream of colorless diamonds. Pink (VS1 clarity, that is, with very small inclusions) weighs 2.18 carats, deep blue (VS2 clarity) - 2.03 carats. The unique platinum ring is valued at $ 6.65 million.

The Kyrielle transformable necklace was sold not just the very first, but at the manufacturing stage. The jewel was valued at € 4.9 million, the reason for such a high cost was 100 unique emerald beads from the Afghan Panjshir - a few years ago new emerald mines were opened in this valley. 96 of 100 emeralds were included in the necklace, their total weight is 608.2 carats, and the diameter varies from 7 to 16 mm (four more green stones adorn a pair of earrings). In addition, ruby ​​beads weighing over 70 carats are used in the platinum necklace.

The first to be sold of the ready-made jewelry was the spectacular Hyperbole transformer with an incredible 140.1 carat cushion-cut Colombian emerald. A jewel worth € 2.9 million easily transforms from a necklace into a tiara and vice versa, with diamond elements either freely lying in the neckline, or shining with a sparkling halo on the head.


The most expensive piece of the Chaumet est une fête (“Chaumet is a holiday”) collection was a necklace from the Pastorale Anglaise section, built around emeralds and with a cut-through Scottish tartan motif (the latter is inspired by a 1907 brooch kept in the historical Chaumet collection).

The piece, valued at more than € 3 million, is encrusted with a magnificent 28.9 carat emerald from the famous Muzo mine in Colombia. Another "feature" of the necklace is that the emerald can be detached from it. As they say in Chaumet, "to hide in the safe."

The first, however, was not a connoisseur of rare emeralds, but a connoisseur of natural pearls, which are incredibly rare today. Apparently, it was he who acquired the long necklace with natural white pearls and diamond volutes. The history of pearls is interesting: they were taken out of another necklace - with the motif of waves and a goldfish, presented several years ago. A Russian client who would have appreciated the precious variation on Pushkin's fairy tale was never found, but on the second try the pearls found their owner.

1) Chaumet necklace; 2) Cartier ring; 3) Dior necklace; 4) Piaget ring; 5) Chaumet necklace; 6) Messika earrings; 7) Piaget ring
1) Chaumet necklace; 2) Cartier ring; 3) Dior necklace; 4) Piaget ring; 5) Chaumet necklace; 6) Messika earrings; 7) Piaget ring

1) Chaumet necklace; 2) Cartier ring; 3) Dior necklace; 4) Piaget ring; 5) Chaumet necklace; 6) Messika earrings; 7) Piaget ring


A ring with a unique Burmese sapphire at 53.45 carats was valued at 7.35 million Swiss francs. This piece stands out from the entire Sunlight Journey collection not only for its stone, but also for the story of creation reminiscent of a fairy tale: for the new collection they were looking for an exceptional stone that would become its star. Piaget chief gemologist Guillaume (the names of such employees are not advertised) recalled that in the late 1980s an incredibly pure sapphire was found in Mogok, which was quickly sold and has not been found on the market since, and set out to find it. And the most amazing thing I found: faceted and rimless. At Piaget, the stone was not re-cut.

The first thing that was sold was an object that was not quite typical for Piaget - a flexible wide Dolce Sera bracelet in white gold with diamonds of different cuts, the largest of which is a cushion cut weighing 2.03 carats. Although the jewelry may not be readable on the Piaget's wrist, it does have signs of corporate identity: here, for example, the brand's beloved marquise-cut diamonds are used.


The Trianon Diamant necklace set in pink, yellow and white gold with diamonds, pink and yellow sapphires, emeralds, spessartines, tsavorites, yellow diamonds, turquoise and Paraiba type tourmalines. Its cost is about € 2.5 million.

The first was the Grand Canal set - a necklace and earrings with emeralds and rubies. The new owners decided to carefully guard their new treasure and forbade photographing it and even more so distributing images.


The unique Messika mono-earring costs € 2.1 million. Valerie has been producing asymmetrical earrings for a long time, considering them to be a truly correct and fashionable accessory. This unpaired piece with a huge 17-carat pear-shaped diamond at the end was no exception. It would be difficult for him to find a pair (although Valerie Messika, the daughter of a diamond dealer, has no shortage of colorless diamonds of excellent quality), and to nothing.

The first of the diamond collection Paris est une fête ("Paris is a holiday") also left the asymmetrical ear cuff. Isadora jewelry, dedicated to Isadora Duncan, of 19 pear-cut diamonds with a total weight of 4.79 carats, cost the buyer € 43.5 thousand.

Louis Vuitton

The highest price in a collection of more than 60 Conquêtes pieces is set on a pearl necklace with a detachable tourmaline brooch. It is estimated at 68.5 million rubles. (almost € 1 million).

The first to be acquired was a necklace from a set with imperial topaz from Brazil, characterized by its transitions from peach to shades of red. The most impressive of them just in the necklace is the 37-carat imperial old mine topaz, purchased directly from first hand (it is generally accepted to buy stones from the gemologists of Louis Vuitton from the deposits, and not from the secondary market). The decoration was estimated at 56 million rubles. (about € 800 thousand).

1) Cola Louis Vuitton; 2) Bulgari necklace; 3) Bulgari necklace; 4) Louis Vuitton necklace; 5) Necklace Van Cleef & Arpels; 6) Cindy Chao Ring
1) Cola Louis Vuitton; 2) Bulgari necklace; 3) Bulgari necklace; 4) Louis Vuitton necklace; 5) Necklace Van Cleef & Arpels; 6) Cindy Chao Ring

1) Cola Louis Vuitton; 2) Bulgari necklace; 3) Bulgari necklace; 4) Louis Vuitton necklace; 5) Necklace Van Cleef & Arpels; 6) Cindy Chao Ring

Cindy chao

Of all Cindy Chao's high jewelery masterpieces in 2017, the diamond bow ring, as if just tied on a finger, became the record holder for value. Between two triangular diamonds weighing 6.05 carats is a one and a half carat square diamond. Its deep pink-red color and size, impressive for a stone of such a rare fantasy shade, raised this jewelry to the rank of the most expensive - the Red Diamond Ribbon ring is estimated at $ 5.3 million.

A pair of earrings with two large natural Colombian emeralds (Emerald Branch Earrings) so quickly attracted one of the buyers that they simply did not have time to photograph it. Cindy Chao used heart-cut emeralds weighing 24.72 carats, oval diamonds weighing 9.38 carats and a scattering of tsavorites in her white gold jewelry worth $ 920,000.


The palm of the price championship in the new Festa collection is held by two jewelry valued at about € 6 million each. Il Magnifico necklace with oversized diamond chain and sugarloaf Sri Lankan sapphire weighing over 188 carats and a 2.24 carat blue diamond ring with a rare color saturation. Both became homages to Sotirio Bulgari - this year marks the 160th anniversary of his birth.

One of the first Festa items sold instantly was the Octo Finissimo Tourbillon Monete, an original men's ultra-thin tourbillon hiding under a cover with an antique coin. The collector's item was estimated at 450 thousand Swiss francs (about € 400 thousand).

The first piece sold - and also the first piece to be made - was the Il Grandioso necklace with a 53-carat emerald.

Van cleef & arpels

The Le Secret collection is all about riddles, secrets, secrets. Everything in it is transformed, has hiding places, invisible buttons and mechanisms. The most expensive transformer was the Rubis Souverain set with rubies, in which all the elements are interchangeable - a real precious rebus. It was valued at almost € 7 million. Unfortunately, the client who became the owner of this rarity did not allow the use of photographs of jewelry.

The first of the entire Le Secret collection to be sold was the Oiseau sur la branche long necklace, an original transformer with a bird hidden behind a precious door in a central pendant. Inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale "The Nightingale". The fact that it was the first to be sold is understandable: it was shown to clients with two other pieces before the main summer presentation - back in spring in Kyoto, during the opening days of the exhibition “In the Power of Art: Van Cleef & Arpels - High Jewelry and Japanese Crafts”. And regular customers of Van Cleef & Arpels know: if you saw something new and fell in love, make a reservation right away. The French house sells the haute joaillerie collections at a rate that would be the envy of any hotcake trader.>

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