Google Launched Virtual Walks On The ISS

Google Launched Virtual Walks On The ISS
Google Launched Virtual Walks On The ISS

Video: Google Launched Virtual Walks On The ISS

Video: Go Inside the International Space Station with Google Street View 2022, November

These are the first Street View photos taken outside of our planet. Their author is the European Space Agency astronaut Tom Pesce, who spent six months at the station. The equipment usually used by Google photographers did not work in zero gravity, so the company's engineers turned to specialists from NASA for help. There, a method was developed that made it possible to photograph the premises of the station by "standard" methods using equipment already in orbit.

The collection of panoramas is huge. You can see where the cosmonauts train, where they sleep and eat; look into the research bays where experiments are carried out in zero gravity; see the Earth through the window glass and visit the inside of the airlock, from where they go into outer space; and also - to examine the most complicated equipment of one of the most ambitious buildings in the history of mankind.

Captured Peske and the Russian segment of the station, both general and personal cosmonaut modules with all the unusual accessories and devices that help in everyday life in zero gravity. Some photographs have annotations written by Sand, which will help to understand what is shown in the photograph and why the captured objects are needed by astronauts. You can learn about the difficulties Google had to face in preparing the project in a separate video.

Panoramic images of the ISS are available to everyone in the StreetView service both from a browser and from mobile devices.>

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