Me In Lego: What Else Is New Invented From The Constructor

Me In Lego: What Else Is New Invented From The Constructor
Me In Lego: What Else Is New Invented From The Constructor

Video: Me In Lego: What Else Is New Invented From The Constructor

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Duct tape

Lego is known for its huge number of parts from which you can assemble objects of all shapes and sizes. However, in most cases, we are talking about ordinary bricks, which binds hands if you want, say, to create a composition without sharp corners.

Design studio Team Nimuno came up with a solution: they created the Nimuno Loops "Lego tape" that can be glued to almost any surface. On the upper side of the tape there are standard Danish designer fasteners, so that the items pasted over with it can be integrated into regular commercial sets. You can stick around at least a child's toy, at least the entire kitchen. Enough fantasy.

The project "blew up" Indiegogo, having already collected about $ 1.5 million with the initially requested $ 8 thousand. The promotion is still ongoing - you can pre-order Nimuno Loops on the project page.


A Hong Kong-based photographer known online as Instax Magic created a full-fledged quick-print camera from parts of two disassembled cameras and a Lego. Do not look at the toy view - everything is adult here: we aim the lens, take a picture, and the device immediately prints the photo. The inventor took the lenses from the vintage Japanese Yashica, and the printing mechanism from the Fuji Instax Mini. There is even a small screen, like a digital camera, on which you can see the composition of a future photograph.

According to Instax Magic, the idea came to him after he saw a neighbor throwing away several boxes of construction kit parts: “I thought there was always a way to use Lego creatively. A few weeks later, I ordered many blocks, and over a night of experimentation I assembled the backbone of the future device."

Robot folding paper planes

History is silent about how Sao Paulo-based designer Arthur Satsek came up with the idea, but his latest work is one of the most unusual things ever created from Lego. From the details of the designer and some third-party devices, he made a robot that he can independently assemble an airplane of ideal proportions from a single piece of paper and launch it into the air.

In general, the device was created to advertise Arrow Electronics during the Super Bowl.

Mini quadcopter

The American company Kitablades specializes in DIY devices. Those that do not lie in the box ready-made, but require self-assembly. Lego works on the same principle, so it is not surprising that the latest development of the company is a miniature drone for children, made from construction set parts.

It is not difficult to assemble it, and then there will be three times more pleasure: when you see a robot, which until recently was a bunch of plastic bricks, soars into the air, you mentally give yourself the title of "Golden Hands".

Full-size Batmobile

Lego items don't have to be small. For example, at NAIAS 2017, Chevrolet unveiled a replica of Batman's car, a Batmobile built from over 300 bricks. It took 222 hours to design the car, and 1833 hours to assemble it. More than two months of non-stop work.

The resulting Batmobile is 5.8 m long, 2 m high, and 2.7 m wide. Even non-lethal cannons and a retractable roof are provided. The turbos, the iconic bat logo and a pair of aggressive spoilers at the rear are all replicated with great attention to detail.


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