7 Table Clocks To Be Preferred Over Wrist Watches

7 Table Clocks To Be Preferred Over Wrist Watches
7 Table Clocks To Be Preferred Over Wrist Watches

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The history of time measuring devices knows many outstanding examples of watchmaking - they are curious both for the mechanisms contained within (here Huygens, who invented the pendulum, played an important role), and in a utilitarian sense. Alfalfa (in the form of a lantern), cylindrical, coach (most likely used by Napoleon), console, intended for a small wall shelf. When pocket watches spread, and even more so after wristwatches were invented, interior mechanisms gradually lost their function, turning into an element of furniture.

A table clock in a modern interior is something like a figurine made of Chinese jade or a painting. The item should be original, ideally unique, and reflect the style of its owner. The watch brands offer tabletop installations to suit all tastes: from Vacheron Constantin 's Art Deco crystal arches to the avant-garde Atmos Jaeger-LeCoultre that has been operating on temperature differentials for nearly 100 years, from the charming Chopard vintage with a canopy-shaped case from a barbershop in the mid 1960s. -x to an ultra-modern robot, by the way, made at a Swiss table clock factory founded in 1839.

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1) Santos 100, Cartier

The desktop skeletonized version of Santos retains all the codes of the iconic collection: perfect square shape (101x101 mm), steel and yellow gold case, “railway” minute scale, large Roman numerals. The 6002 MC movement provides a week's power reserve. Instead of decorative screws, eight diamonds shine.

2) Table clock, Officine Panerai

The in-house hand-wound P.5000 movement with an eight-day power reserve is housed in a 65 mm steel case and a transparent mineral glass sphere. At the same time, the watch dial is a recognizable "sandwich" structure of two layers. The large crown is located at the 12 o'clock position.

3) Vintage Racing, Chopard

The table time meter is dedicated to vintage racing cars. The black palladium-finished dial is inspired by the large-scale car dashboard. The red hue of the elongated body mimics the logo of the legendary Mille Miglia race, which is partnering with Chopard.

4) Flying Cloud, Chanel Fine Jewelery

The watch from the high-jewelery collection Flying Cloud continues the theme of Gabrielle Chanel's romantic walks on the yacht of her beloved Hugh Grosvenor. Two diamond baguettes mark the 12-hour markers on the double-sided dial, one face with maritime stripes of lapis lazuli and diamonds, and the other a starry sky with comets.

5) The Gold-Seekers, Patek Philippe

The unique Patek Philippe table clock is not just a mechanical miracle, but also an amazing miniature storyline. The clock is made in the form of a cylinder with a dome (total height 213.5 mm), and the entire surface is painted using cloisonné enamel technique. Miniature in 78 shades depicts the life of gold miners.

6) Atmos Classique, Jaeger-LeCoultre

This is another version of the legendary Atmos clock that operates on temperature differences and is an analogue of a "perpetual motion machine". The hand-wound movement is enclosed in a parallelepiped of glass and rhodium-plated metal (155x200x225 mm), and contrasting white Arabic numerals are applied to the dial ring, coated with blue lacquer.

7) Métiers d'Art Arca, Vacheron Constantin

This masterpiece was made in the year of the 260th anniversary of the world's oldest watch manufacture and is part of the anniversary series of 12 crystal table clocks in the form of arches, measuring 106x131.1x58.7 mm. The unique hand-wound caliber 9260 rests on a crystal stand inside. Two barrels provide a monthly power reserve.>

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