How To Wear Bright Tights And Look Cool

How To Wear Bright Tights And Look Cool
How To Wear Bright Tights And Look Cool

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From November to March, tights become one of the main accessories for all occasions. For a long time, the absolute style in this matter was considered to be black models, dense or not very, that go with almost any image and make it possible to wear your favorite skirts and dresses all year round. However, this season, designers propose to reconsider this issue and use them as a separate accent.


Colored tights can be an alternative to classic black and even fit into an office and business dress code. Tights in bright or pastel shades, such as pale pink, yogurt yellow or sky blue, are best left for informal events - they should be worn with skirts and dresses just below the knee or mid-calf length (mini will look too infantile), with clothes calm shades or, on the contrary, contrasting with the color of tights, you can print with a print so that the image does not look monotonous. For the office, tights of complex shades are suitable: bottle green, burgundy, blue and others. It is important to remember the basic rule: light shades visually fill and shorten, dark ones - on the contrary. And one more thing: to visually make your legs longer, try wearing colored tights with shoes - shoes or sandals - to match.


The lace tights that designers suggest to wear this season have nothing to do with the vulgar images with which this wardrobe item is usually associated. So, at Nina Ricci and Balenciaga lace tights are made in white - they are proposed to be worn with strict dresses and midi skirts made of silk. Brands like Wolford have a larger mesh weave that will work well with a pencil skirt and pumps.

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An abstract ornament or a monogram, a geometric pattern or floral motifs … Patterned tights are difficult to handle, but effective. When choosing, remember the main rule of visual distortion: large prints increase volume, small prints make it slimmer. Tights with a pattern are a self-sufficient thing, therefore it is better to make it the central accent of the image, complementing it with plain clothes in soothing shades.


The most elegant option is not suitable for every day, but as an addition to the festive look, just right. There are two options here: either, as in the previous paragraph, make tights the main bright spot and wear them with monochrome things of restrained colors (in addition to the usual black and gray, try also dark blue, deep burgundy or rich purple), or twist the degree of creativity to maximum and complement the image with a skirt with a metallic effect, a turtleneck with lurex, a silver or gold dress. In any case, you should choose neutral shoes - made of matte leather of a dark shade, without decor, with a medium heel.>

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