7 Unusual Ways To Wear A Sweater

7 Unusual Ways To Wear A Sweater
7 Unusual Ways To Wear A Sweater

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Pink lists the most fashionable ways to give a regular jumper a new sound and find a non-standard use of the obvious, at first glance, thing.

Partially worn out

It happens that a sweater, worn with jeans, pants or a skirt, visually shortens the legs, breaking the proportions between the upper and lower body. A simple life hack is to tuck the hem of the sweater in the front. This technique will help create a more voluminous and fashionable silhouette, as well as add length to the legs. Works both with thin sweaters or jumpers, and with dense textured knits. An important point: if jeans, a skirt or trousers have belt loops, a belt is required.

Tucked inside

A sweater completely tucked into a skirt or trousers looks no less impressive. True, this technique will work only with versions made of thin knitwear, otherwise there is a risk that a "life buoy" will form in the waist area. The bottom should be made of thick fabric.



Oddly enough, some garments look much more attractive when worn backwards. A voluminous jumper with a V-neck is just one of this series. The main condition is that it should be one or two sizes larger than what you usually wear (or just an "oversized" silhouette) so that the shoulder seams do not pull back too noticeably. An obvious plus of this technique is that two things automatically appear in your wardrobe instead of one, because no one forbids wearing the same jumper in the traditional way from time to time.

Over a shirt or blouse

Photo: themilleraffect / instagram
Photo: themilleraffect / instagram

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This method has two advantages at once: firstly, additional insulation, and secondly, even an unremarkable jumper looks more elegant. The ideal option for such a trick is a thick-knit jumper, so that the bottom layer does not show through. There are also requirements for it: the texture of the blouse or shirt should be smooth (no flannel), and the collar, ideally, with decor, for example, ruffles or a bow. If the jumper has a round neckline, open the top of the shirt by one button, if the V-shaped - by two. But blouses are best left buttoned.

Over the dress

Photo: jaiperdumaveste / instagram
Photo: jaiperdumaveste / instagram

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A logical continuation of the previous point: layering is our everything (especially in the autumn-winter period). There are a lot of options for combinations - with a slip dress, shirt dress, fitted or loose cut, made of light chiffon or thick cotton. An oversized sweater or jumper up to mid-thigh length or slightly below is ideal for any of these things. However, exceptions are possible - in the case of a new-bow style dress, for example.

With a jacket - instead of a shirt

The trick that fashionable men have long adopted is worth mastering for girls. Works flawlessly in almost any combination: with jeans, skirts or trouser suits. It is important to choose a sweater or jumper that is not too thick in the knit. A jersey turtleneck is also a good choice - in the style of the mods from the 60s. Refuel it completely or leave it slightly outside - at your discretion.

Instead of a scarf

You will be surprised, but it looks much better than it sounds. You can just throw the sweater over your shoulders, you can make it a little more difficult: put the sweater on your shoulders with sleeves forward, cross them at the neck, throw back and tie. The knot should not be too tight, otherwise your homemade "scarf" risks looking flat. Too dense models with textured knit will not work for such a trick - the thinner the better, but always made of wool or knitwear.>

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