Techno-future: The Most Advanced Amateur Telescope

Techno-future: The Most Advanced Amateur Telescope
Techno-future: The Most Advanced Amateur Telescope

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Space is mesmerizing, and astronomers sometimes envy in a good way. After all, their job is to observe distant stars, to hunt for planets, many of which are located at an unimaginable distance of billions of light years from us. Of course, this kind of romance hides hard mental work, countless pages of calculations and formulas and terabytes of data. But the very opportunity to look outside the home planet is worth it.

With the advent of consumer telescopes, it's not just NASA employees who have been able to study the sky overhead. Such devices have only a small fraction of the capabilities of truly powerful telescopes, but they are also enough to give yourself many pleasant evenings in the country or on the balcony in an apartment. But what if we give an amateur telescope some of the functions of a professional one while keeping it simple and easy to use? This question was puzzled by the Unistellar company and, together with the American non-profit institute SETI, went to Kickstarter with the eVscope project. And it came out successfully, having already collected about $ 2 million.

The reason for this success is simple, as usual: eVscope is perhaps the most sophisticated telescope available for reasonable money. Like almost all technological innovations, it is capable of pairing with a smartphone. In this case, your phone will act as an interactive star map. The telescope can automatically recognize areas of the sky and objects on it - and all information about what you see can be obtained on the phone screen.

In addition, Unistellar has developed unique algorithms for processing light signals, and therefore more objects can be seen through the telescope tube, and seen much clearer. Some areas, for example, galaxies are painted in different colors - for beauty and clarity.



EVscope owners can even help scientists. For this, the so-called "Campaign Mode" is provided. If a specialist needs certain data from a telescope, but the astronomer does not have the time and opportunity to collect it (or this information is simply not a priority), you will receive a notification on your smartphone with the coordinates of the object. Once you study it, the collected data will immediately go into the hands of the SETI team.

Despite this functionality, eVscope remains surprisingly portable - it can be folded down, thrown behind your back in a backpack and easily carried with you to the countryside. The built-in battery will last for 10 hours of operation.

The cost of one telescope is $ 1499. Its production is a long process, and therefore eVscope will be delivered to customers only in November 2018.>

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