18 Things At The Intersection Of Fashion And Art

18 Things At The Intersection Of Fashion And Art
18 Things At The Intersection Of Fashion And Art

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Video: Irving Penn at the Intersection of Art, Fashion and Photography Forum - Session 1 2023, January

1. Watch, Jaeger-LeCoultre

The masters of the Swiss watch manufacture have placed on the reverse side of their main watch model - Reverso - a reproduction of the equally famous painting "The Treachery of Images" by surrealist Rene Magritte.

2. Bag, Dior

Especially for the opening of the flagship store in London, the Parisian house has released a new version of the classic Lady D bag. The drawings that appear on it in the style of hyperrealism are the handiwork of the artist Mark Quinn.

3. Pen, Montblanc

In the design of the Artisan Edition Homage to Wassily Kandinsky, 77 copies, the motives of the painting "Yellow-Red-Blue" by Wassily Kandinsky are guessed - the very one that initiated the period that the artist himself called "cold romance".

4. Sneakers, Dolce & Gabbana

In this pair, the print of St. Mark's Square in Venice looks like a watercolor sketch by a street artist.

5. Vest, Faith Connexion

Graffiti is definitely not in danger of going out of fashion soon, and even more so with those made in the style of Keith Haring.

6. Sneakers, Giuseppe Zanotti Design

The print imitates wall graffiti in great detail: it even includes craquelures.


1. T-shirt by Paul Smith

The chaotic strokes on the white T-shirt seem to be made by a child.

2. Dress, Vivienne Westwood Anglomania

"Accidental" stains of paint on this thing are left in such a way that it looks like a working blouse of the artist. Or a painter.

3. Backpack, Kenzo

This is clearly not without the influence of 1970s psychedelic comics.

4. Sneakers, Maison Margiela

The shoe looks like it was in them that Jackson Pollock created his abstract canvases.

5. Bag, Gucci

The trend will continue into the next season. This bag, created in collaboration with artist Truble Andrew, is already on the waiting list, although obviously not everyone will get it.


1. Fragrances, Issey Miyake

For more than ten years now, the classic fragrances L`Eau d`Issey, Issey Miyake each summer acquire not only a fresh sound, but also a new look. This time the young English artist Michelle McKinney was responsible for the sun, into which the pattern on the bottles is formed, if the female and male are placed side by side. Inside the limit "for her" - a juicy cocktail of pink grapefruit, lychee, passionfruit, guava and vanilla. And the masculine one is composed of notes of kiwi, coriander, grapefruit, pineapple, nutmeg, vetiver and cypress.

2. Fragrances, Dali Haute Parfumerie

The Dali Haute Parfumerie line of fragrances is dedicated to the heritage of the most famous surrealist of the last century. But one inspiration was not enough - each bottle is crowned with one of the five elements symbolic for Salvador Dali, borrowed from his jewelry collection: an eye, a butterfly, a cup, a hand or a watch.

The aromas themselves are in no way inferior to the flasks in which they are enclosed: another famous Spaniard, the perfumer Alberto Morillas, was entrusted to compose the compositions.

3. Facial brush, Clarisonic

In the early 80s, Keith Haring's men flooded New York, and at the end of last year they appeared on Mia 2, Clarisonic brushes. When buying a device, you can be sure that it will benefit not only you - part of the proceeds from the sale of the device goes to the artist's charitable foundation.

4. Fragrances, Demeter

A series of Demeter fragrances with paintings on the "facade" was released for the multimedia exhibition "Great Modernists". The exposition ended last summer, but the fragrances "Malevich", "Kandinsky", "Gauguin" and "Van Gogh" can still be bought.

5. Manicure set, Dior

To feel like a nail artist, now you don't need any talent or skill - with the new Polka Dots, Dior manicure set, even the most crooked-handed people will get perfect peas. The main thing is not to turn your hands into fly agarics (if you are not going to the dacha to pick mushrooms) - one "punson" at the base of the nail plate is enough to give you a creative person.

6. Bronzing powder, Dolce & Gabbana

The pattern adorned with The Sicilian Bronzer bronzing powder from the Dolce & Gabbana summer makeup collection was spotted in Sicily - local craftsmen used to paint carretto siciliano wagons with a similar pattern.

7. Summer makeup collection, L'Etoile

Tin cases with shadows, sculpturing powder and a whole palette of lipsticks from the Courage A La Russe makeup collection are decorated with drawings: figures of dancers, musical instruments and musical notes are painted on them with acrylic paints. The line is dedicated to Russian ballet - it was from the scenery of Diaghilev's performances that L'Etoile artists borrowed bold color schemes.>

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