5 Wardrobe Items That Will Make Your Winter Life Easier

5 Wardrobe Items That Will Make Your Winter Life Easier
5 Wardrobe Items That Will Make Your Winter Life Easier

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Winter often becomes a test: in addition to the obvious disadvantages like unacceptably low temperatures, we have to give up our favorite things in favor of more practical clothes. We will tell you what things to buy on the eve of frost so that you no longer have to choose between "nice" and "warm".

Bodysuits in jersey or cotton and blouses-bodysuits

Body is a brilliant invention. Firstly, in winter it can be worn under woolen sweaters instead of a T-shirt (wool sweaters usually prick and cause discomfort) or as an extra layer for more warmth. Secondly, now designers are actively promoting bodysuits as an independent wardrobe item, combining it with turtlenecks, shirts and even smart blouses. The profit is obvious: from the outside it looks like an ordinary thing, but in a sock it is much more comfortable - nothing bulges up and sits like a glove.

Cashmere tights

Without tights with a density of 60 den and higher in winter, nowhere. But there is one problem: those made entirely of synthetic fibers can be irritating and unpleasant to wear, and more natural cottons are rarely suitable for an office or evening look. An alternative is cashmere tights. They have excellent elasticity, they are much softer and more pleasant to the body than ordinary tights with a density of 80-100 den, while they look great and warm just as well. An important point: when buying, pay attention to the content of the same cashmere in the composition. Ideal looks something like this: wool (slightly more than 50%), silk (slightly more than 10%), cashmere (about 10%), and other impurities.

Ultra-thin down jacket

If you are wondering how your colleague manages to walk in an ordinary woolen coat even in severe frosts, know that under it he probably has a super thin down jacket or vest. It is better to buy such a thing from trusted brands: Uniqlo, Moncler or Patagonia. You should also pay attention to young brands specializing in the production of warm and functional clothing, such as Ten C or Norse Projects. Before buying, be sure to try on the down jacket with the clothes you plan to wear over it: it should fit snugly, but not hinder movement, and the top layer should be loose enough. It is not worth saving - thin technological down jackets are usually expensive, but they will last more than one year. By the way, interesting models are often found in men's brands.

Fur insoles

Let's face it: winter shoes, which can be found in most Russian stores, most often have nothing to do with modern fashion trends. The reason is simple: European and American brands rarely produce shoes with fur lining, as most of their target audience simply does not need this. Finding nice and warm winter shoes is a real quest, and most often it ends with either ugg boots, or Timberlands, or unsightly looking boots (but not cold). The solution is simple - it is enough to buy quality fur insoles once to be able to turn almost any off-season shoes into winter ones. Choose ones that are made from natural fur and make sure they fit exactly the size of your shoe.

Thin thermal underwear

Photo: sportmaster.ru
Photo: sportmaster.ru

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Obvious, but no less relevant advice: for the winter period you must have at least one set of thermal underwear in stock. This piece of clothing has long ceased to serve exclusively for those who are involved in winter sports or work in the Arctic Circle. Now thermal underwear is worn in the city, and by no means only on weekends. Warm-keeping leggings and longsleeves are also useful on working days (they can be taken off in the office so as not to feel discomfort). With thermal underwear, things are the same as with a down jacket: it is better to invest in a good quality set and forget about this expense item for several years.>

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