5 Trendy Things Everyone Will Wear This Fall

5 Trendy Things Everyone Will Wear This Fall
5 Trendy Things Everyone Will Wear This Fall

Video: 5 Trendy Things Everyone Will Wear This Fall

Video: 5 Trendy Things Everyone Will Wear This Fall
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Things with scarf prints

With the excitement surrounding the second season of American Crime Story, dedicated to the murder of Gianni Versace, interest has returned to the classic motives of the fashion house, in particular the chain print. This gave rise to a real trend for things with shawl prints: horses like Hermès, colors like Gucci, and others. If you want authenticity, look for original vintage shirts (not necessarily branded) on sites like Etsy and eBay. Analogs can be found in the mass market: dresses, blouses, skirts, and more. Such bright things in every sense look best as the central accent of the image. A win-win option is the canonical combination in the form of a patterned shirt, a plain-colored jacket in a masculine style, blue jeans and matte leather ankle boots.

Leather coats

Leather coats and raincoats are a more original version of outerwear than classic coats or jackets. Laconic monochromatic versions of bottle green, burgundy, black or brown are also suitable, and more fashionable ones - for example, stylized as a python. If you are in favor of eco-fashion (which cannot but arouse respect), look for coats and raincoats made of faux leather - among other things, they are also less fussy to wear. However, it is worth choosing these with special attention: eco-leather does not always look good, so it is better to discard suspiciously cheap options right away.

Blouses with a very deep neckline

The style of the late 1970s in the spirit of the iconic New York club "Studio 54" is gradually returning, and with it - silk blouses with a loose cut with a very deep neckline. Such a thing looks sexy, but does not expose the chest. In order not to overdo it with frankness, choose models from light, but opaque materials. The ideal option is a bodysuit blouse that will not stand out from under the belt. Wear these with something more relaxed: basic jeans without scuffs and decor, black or white high-waisted trousers or A-line skirts. But it is better to refuse the length of the mini.

Wide-leg boots

The boots with a wide bootleg, which again remind of the 1970s, replaced the tightly fitting boots and ankle-socks. An important point: such shoes must certainly have a heel at least seven centimeters high. Wear these boots with midi skirts (both trapezoidal and skinny - especially when paired with classic jackets to match), flowy dresses, or wide cropped trousers to mid-calf. If you are ready for daring experiments, try high over the knee boots with an accordion toe with beveled heels - these will look good even with miniskirts and dresses.

Lady like bags

Over the spring and summer, we managed to get tired of plastic bags, woven string bags and beaded handbags, so in the new season the designers turned to laconic classical forms. A minimum of fittings and decorative details is an obvious plus. Lady like bags like the iconic Hermès Kelly are great not only for offices, but also for more informal occasions. Pay attention to the material: such bags should be made of high quality matte leather. They look best in contrast to things in a masculine style: for example, classic suits (including sets of a jacket and a midi skirt) or jeans, a simple cashmere jumper and flat shoes.